How real-time management improves results in the textile industry

Como a gestão em tempo real melhora os resultados na indústria têxtil

Unsurprisingly, real-time management is a growing need in all areas of business. We live in a very fast age, so it is essential to always be aware of everything going on in business, otherwise we will miss important opportunities. One of the industries that faces the most decisions is the textile industry. In today’s article, we’ll see how real-time management can improve results in this industry!

Better stock control

Many textile companies still use manual methods to control stocks. Companies that already use software to control stocks make the mistake of not integrating it with the rest of the company. Real-time management tools such as Multipeers track all stocks and link data with other departments to save time and money. Using this software, you can track the status of products from factory to store shelves. This reduces human error in inventory management and improves workflows.

Greater production control

Real-time management software accelerates production tracking by providing insight into the entire process, from planning to writing the datasheet for part production and completing the delivery of purchase orders. With Multipeers it is possible to track the fulfillment of production deadlines, speeding up processes if necessary to meet deadlines.

Anticipate Trends

Real-time management allows you to obtain a large volume of data and, unlike most companies, the data generated is of quality. Management can use the information to anticipate future market trends and reduce the risk of producing parts that will have a large drop in demand. Using real-time information allows you to be much more careful in production decisions.

More Assertive Decisions

When the manager knows exactly what is going on in the business, it is much easier to make the right decision and this is undoubtedly the most immediate and most important advantage of using a real-time information system. Analyzing the business in real time allows you to have all the necessary inputs so that you can consciously decide on the best course to take, because the information you are analyzing is up to date and reliable. In the end, the results will bring real benefits to the business profit.

Setting alerts to take immediate action

Business monitoring software such as Multipeers enables the definition of business alerts. Wherever you are, you will be notified by SMS or email of any changes to your previously established standards and can act immediately, even before there is damage to the organization. This proves to be a huge competitive advantage as it enables immediate action.

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