7 Filmes obrigatórios para todos os empreendedores

7 Movies required for all entrepreneurs

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Being an entrepreneur is a challenge and not everyone is born with that capacity. But the good news is that you can perfect your skills over time and in the most diverse situations. One of the best forms of learning is through concrete cases, such as those shown to us in the movies. The seventh art has many inspiring films for entrepreneurs from all areas and we have selected in this article the 7 films required for all entrepreneurs!

The Wolf of Wall Street

This film starring Leonardo Dicaprio tells the story of an entrepreneur and stockbroker who can achieve a successful business. The problem is that you can achieve glory through fraudulent schemes and corruption crimes. The main character had impressive talent as a salesperson and had an innate ability to lead a company, managing to bring enthusiasm and motivation to all of his employees.

The social network

We could not fail to mention the film that tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our century and the person in charge of creating the social network Facebook. This film tells us in detail how Facebook came about: a simple idea that emerged in college became the most famous social network in the world. This movie also shows us that sometimes to achieve success one must compromise personal relationships.

The Dead Poets Society

The film starring Robin Williams tells the story of a teacher who started teaching at the Welton Academy in 1959. Being such a conservative institution, the teacher would make a difference by teaching his students to think differently, instilling in them a spirit of innovation, one of the most appreciated values ​​in the world of entrepreneurship today.

The Man Who Changed the Game

“The Man Who Changed the Game” is a film based on the true story of Billy Beane, adapted from Michael Lewis’s book. The author reports how Beane managed to take the modest Oakland Athletics team to an elite team of American baseball. This film teaches us how to correct employees and maximize their individual capabilities. Knowing how to ask the right questions and motivating employees to do their best is a characteristic that all entrepreneurs must have.

The Imitation Game

This is a movie based on real facts that tells us the story Alan Turing, a mathematician with an above average intelligence, who is quite antisocial. The film takes place during World War II. At the time, the British government hired a team that aimed to decode a famous code used by the Germans to convey their messages of war. The film shows us that working as a team is fundamental and not giving up in the face of adversity is the most important messages that you must convey to your employees as responsible for management and leadership. The film also shows us the importance of using data processing systems.


All of Rocky’s films, starring Sylvester Stalone, show us a motivational speech with the ability to make us start working immediately on all our plans and accomplish everything we always dream about. Rocky has incredible leadership skills and all human resource managers should be a bit like him! This film is also essential for the management of human resources because it shows us the difficulties that we are encountering along the way until we reach success. The main lesson is that despite the difficulties that are appearing, we must be able to stay strong to continue fighting!

The devil Wears Prada

In this film, Runway Magazine is directed by the hand of Miranda Priestley – the most powerful woman in the fashion world. “Runway” is a daunting challenge for anyone who wants to get into this industry. To make “Runway” the New York Bible and even the World, Miranda saves nothing or anyone and it is difficult for someone to survive your hands! Thus, the task as assistant to Miranda could open the doors to the newly formed Andy Sachs. Although Andy is the wrong person for the job, because he knows nothing about brands or the fashion world, when he proposes to take that job he will demonstrate something that others do not have: he has determination and refusal to fail!


The world of cinema helps us to “travel” to other worlds and at the same time teaches us many things about life and the world of work. If you know other inspiring films for entrepreneurs, share them with us in the comments!

Estarão as empresas prontas para adoptar a tecnologia RPA? (parte 2)

Are companies ready to adopt RPA technology? (part 2)

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By Adriano Ribeiro, CEO & Partner bwd and Rui Raposo, CCO & Partner bwd

You can read the first part of the article here.

And what are the advantages/benefits generated by the passage of these human tasks to robots?

First of all, people welcome this technology because they hate the tasks that systems do, relieving them of growing work pressure.

Another advantage immediately recognized by the users of these RPA solutions is the significant increase in the productivity of the organization as employees are freed from time consuming tasks to start to perform more stimulating tasks.

Additionally we can add as advantages of RPA solutions:

  • the high scalability of operations without the need to increase the workforce;
  • the elimination of activities related to manual data collection and human error;
  • the monitoring of the speed of the business, due to the speed gains that the solution allows to obtain.

All this without any use of code, allowing teams in various business areas to create robots autonomously for the tasks they wish to automate, with the rapid attainment of increased operational efficiency.

Is the adoption of these RPA solutions a small investment?

Yes, and being a small but variable investment, your return is always less than a year. So if a RPA tool is inexpensive and additionally does not require great IT skills to implement, its implementation turns out to be a no-brainer. The implementation of RPA solutions is, in fact, simple, allowing very fast results. This is particularly important when, as we all know, in our organizations often, the business wants something relatively small, but the IT department having larger fish to fry puts these requests and materials last. Once this reality is realized, the only major concern regarding the implementation of this RPA solution has to do with the disruptive effects. For this reason, we often find IT teams in denial about RPA and what it can do. The solution lies in the use of a competent partner in the implementation of these solutions that can understand all the impacts that these encompass for the IT structure, in total alignment with the IT teams and ensuring that the designed RPA solution is conveniently embedded in the overall strategy from you.

Do these solutions easily integrate with organizations’ information systems?

This is another of the advantages in implementing these solutions – its simple and easy integration with any legacy or non-legacy systems architecture. It is very interesting that the adoption of automation programs, because they are neutral technologies, allows the organizations to maintain a high rate of modernization with the internalization of the rapid advances that are realized in this area, unlike other IT investments in which the organizations are obliged to rethink your approach every time you adopt a new technology. In addition to this alignment with the IT strategy, the implementation of an RPA solution within an automation strategy in order to be successful must be fully aligned with the business and operations strategy. More than simply automating an activity, advances in artificial intelligence, software robotics, machine learning, and innovative technology platforms enable companies to redefine their processes and consistently evolve to modernize their organization. Therefore, workplace automation provides a significant opportunity for improvements in the performance and overall efficiency of organizations.

The main objectives identified in the adoption of technologies such as RPA are:

  • Reducing risk – Many companies automate processes to reduce the risk of malware and other threats. The risks inherent in upgrades and migrations also drive organizations to software as a service (SaaS) and cloud computing. Finally, the risk of inactivity is another driver to select the new generation of RPA, ITO, BPO and XaaS.
  • Increased efficiency – Companies that embrace RPA implementation often do so because automation leads to significant productivity improvements and increased organizational flexibility
  • Increased Compliance – By recording all actions and identifying and removing data gaps between multiple sources, RPA assists in performing reviews and recognizing compliance issues.
    Higher quality information available.

The methodology applied in the implementation is also fundamental. If properly implemented, automation can provide tremendous improvements in all these areas. But the balance of benefits can vary with different technologies and approaches. The right balance for any organization will depend on your overall strategy and your business goals. Automation programs should therefore start with a clear articulation of the problem. Each project must be able to identify where and how the automation can offer improvements and show how these improvements are linked to the overall strategy of the company. To maximize return on investment, companies must be careful not to specify, overstate, or overspend on investments in automation. Choosing the right level of complexity to meet current and future predictable needs requires a deep understanding of the organization’s processes and systems.

It seems clear from our experience that the most successful RPA solution implementation projects have the following characteristics:

  1. Decentralization in terms of governance in project management. Decentralization in functions or business units as responsible for automation initiatives, with or without support from a core team. Conversely, experiences in less successful organizations are those where a central team is the sole responsible for delivering automation throughout the organization.
  2. The expansion of Buy-in in automation throughout the organization. Encouraging a truly enterprise-wide program and pursuing the adoption of more advanced cognitive automation technologies.
  3. The involvement of the IT function. The success of automation programs also depends on the early involvement of the IT function. First and foremost, IT teams from these organizations are more likely to have automated their own processes. Your involvement in the automation effort is definitely a differential in success.

In conclusion, the evidence suggests that Artificial Intelligence solutions like RPA deliver real value to business and can be a powerful force for disruption. The first to adopt AI solutions that combine strong digital capacity with proactive strategies have higher profit margins and stand out in terms of the performance of other companies. Numerous success stories in implementing retail, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare and education companies highlight AI’s potential to improve forecasting and sourcing, optimize and automate operations, develop targeted marketing, price management, and improve experience.

The importance of implementing the AI ​​solutions as RPA in a correct digital strategy for each organization means that there are no shortcuts to the companies in this regard, otherwise they run a serious risk of implementation failure.

Companies cannot even delay the start of their digital journey, including IA. The first to adopt, will create great competitive advantages.

A successful program requires companies to address many elements of a digital and analytical transformation: identify the business case, set up the right data ecosystem, build or purchase appropriate AI tools, and adapt workflow, resource, and culture processes .

AI promises benefits, but it also poses challenges that run across companies, and workers and teams need to be prepared to exploit the RPA and resist competing with it.

So we asked: Is RPA technology ready and available for companies, large or small, but are companies ready to embrace RPA technology?

Marketing digital: como monitorizar as redes sociais da sua empresa em tempo real

Digital marketing: how to monitor your company’s social media in real time

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Business is happening at a very fast pace today, which forces managers to monitor in real time everything that happens in companies. Nowadays, it is no longer advisable to only analyse reports with a few days: the market demands that you be always aware of what happens in your business. In addition, the increasing dependence of the human being on social networks dictates how companies must follow everything that goes on in their social media profiles. Thus, it is essential to always be aware of what happens in the digital world so that you can take advantage of all the emerging business opportunities. In today’s article, we cover the key ways to monitor your company’s social media in real time.


This tool was created in 2010 to schedule tweets. However, the success was so great that it started to make the scheduling of publications available to other social networks. In addition to publishing schedules, this tool also allows you to create reports on each publication.


Hootsuite also allows scheduling of publications and gives us a real perspective on the positioning of the brand in each social network. Hootsuite lets you know in real time what is said about a brand and also allows you to create alerts that let you know when someone mentions your brand.


Tool that analyses the behaviour of the visitors in their profiles in the most diverse social networks. This tool makes it possible to check the statistics of clicks, downloads, backlinks and comments quite easily and in real time.


Multipeers is a business monitoring system that allows you to analyse what is happening in the company. It is a BAM system that gives us information about the state of each department, as it condenses information from the various data sources into a single platform. In this way, it is easier for managers to know what goes on in each department, improving communication among all and allowing improvements and corrections to be applied. In addition, it is also possible to connect the tool to various social media profiles and be alerted whenever there is activity in the profiles of your brand.

Why should I monitor what happens on social networks in real time?

  • Identifying business opportunities: By monitoring real-time social networks you can identify opportunities right when they appear, allowing you to stay one step ahead of your competition. A fluctuation in demand for a product, for example, could lead you to launch a specific campaign, increasing sales and improving company results.

  • Possibility of Alerts: Business monitoring software such as Multipeers allows you to set up business alerts whenever there is a deviation from what is considered normal within your company. Wherever you are, you will be notified by SMS or email about any changes and you can act immediately, even before there is damage to the organization.

  • Better decisions: When you know exactly what your audience thinks about you and what they need, it’s much easier to make the right decision. Analysing what they say about you in real time will give you all the inputs you need so that you can consciously decide on the best course to take. The reports with a few days present outdated information, which doesn’t correspond to the actual state of the company at that time. Therefore, often the decisions made are mismatched and don’t benefit the business.

10 KPI'S de marketing para todas as empresas

10 marketing KPI’s for all companies

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Having defined KPIs is essential to the good performance of a company. KPIs are key performance indicators that tell us what state the business is in and how far (or near) we are from meeting the stated goals. Based on the indicators and the company’s performance, managers can make informed decisions. BAM tools such as Multipeers allow you to track KPIs continuously and in real time. Analyzing performance consistently ensures that more attention is paid to meeting the objectives, effectively increasing the degree of achievement of the objectives. Marketing is one of the areas that most benefits from the use of KPI monitoring tools. In today’s article, we will address 10 KPI’s of marketing for every business!

Conversion rate

Having many visits on the website is very important and means that the same is performing well and appears in the search engines. However, it is not enough that the visitor navigates the site and leaves it without leaving a contact or without buying something. The conversion rate compares the number of visitors to the website with the number of visitors actually making a purchase. It’s a very important indicator because it allows us to understand how appealing our website really is and if it is encouraging its visitors to make a purchase.


ROI means return on investment and measures the end result of an investment: it relates all the expenses involved in an action to the profits made by that same action. The formula for calculating ROI is as follows: ROI = Net Profit (Total Profit from Investment – Cost of Total Investment) / Cost of Investment. If the ROI is greater than zero, it means that the investment was positive for the company. If it has negative values, there was a loss. It’s one of the most important indicators in the marketing area since there must always be an evaluation of all the actions carried out.

Cost by lead

This indicator shows us how much it costs the company to acquire a lead. We get the value after dividing the amount of money invested in marketing by the number of leads generated. Studies report that the cost per lead generated through digital marketing is about 61% lower than the leads generated by traditional marketing. Knowing how much it costs us to generate a lead is essential so that we can redistribute the investments and improve the results.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate shows us the percentage of visitors who were only on one page of your site. The higher this ratio, the worse your performance will be, as it means that there were many visitors quickly giving up on exploring your site. This may mean that your site is not appealing or has little relevant information. Whenever this value is too high, you should invest time in improving the website. Otherwise, you may lose many business opportunities.

Annual growth rate

The annual growth rate is calculated by comparing data between two consecutive years. At this rate, it becomes easier to perceive the annual performance of the campaigns and to withdraw the values that the effects of seasonality may cause. This annual growth rate also allows you to find trends.

Traffic origin

Indicator that reveals the origin of a visit to the website. It’s an important indicator for us to realize which social media strategies are working better, whether the newsletter is generating visits or if paid campaigns are producing results. Knowing what platforms our customers and potential customers are on is an important guide to all our action.

Client retention rate

To obtain the customer retention rate simply add up the total number of customers and subtract the number of customers that have been lost in a certain period. Then just divide the result by the total number of customers. The higher the retention is, the lower the need to acquire new customers and the greater the likelihood of generating new sales for the same business portfolio.

Number of submitted proposals

The number of proposals is important to realize how many potential customers have expressed a real interest in buying something from our company. The number of proposals must always be based on the total number of contacts made.

Visits generated by social networks

If your company is communicating through social networks, you should always measure the impact it has on your website and business. It’s no use putting good material into company profiles if it doesn’t translate into visits and sales. Weekly, you should measure how many visits you had from each social network and should invest more in those that more visits generate. If a social network doesn’t continuously generate any visit, you should consider whether it is worth continuing to invest in that network.

Visits to the website

This metric is essential in the online world we currently live in and shows us how many visits the website had in a given period. It’s important not to confuse this metric with the number of people who visited the site: this indicator merely states how many visits users made to the site, and the same person could have accessed it several times. This indicator is critical to the success of the sales funnel because the more visitors you have, the greater the likelihood of generating leads and sales. You can easily find this value in the Google Analytics dashboard.


Como usar a inteligência artificial na área do marketing?

How to use artificial intelligence in marketing?

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Artificial intelligence is everywhere, and there is no denying it! If a few years ago when we thought of artificial intelligence “we traveled” to a distant future, today we can say that artificial intelligence is already part of our day-to-day life. One of the areas that has taken most advantage of this new era is the marketing area. In today’s article we will understand how we can use artificial intelligence in marketing.

Customize the consumer experience

This is the most striking area of ​​artificial intelligence in the marketing arena. The consumer is the most important person in the entire communicative process, and based on the data collected (personal information, information about what searches on the internet, buying behavior) it is possible to offer personalized content according to the actual preferences of each person. So each consumer will feel unique and special and the company will profit from it!

Increasing use of chatbots

Chatbots are the stars of artificial intelligence. They are linked to the company’s database and use common language to talk to customers. They are able to recognize names and phone numbers to predict customer behavior. They are very intelligent systems in that they store the essential information so they can refer customers to the areas they need to consult. Ryanair, for example, already uses this system to talk to customers. The advantage is that through the chatbots you can provide a much more personalized experience to the customer, because all your preferences are present!

More centralized management

Artificial intelligence helps companies to interconnect all their information, which has a very important weight in management decisions and especially in the marketing area. A company that analyzes your information in real time and has all the important business information in one place will be able to make more assertive and successful decisions, which enhances the success of the business. Multipeers is therefore an increasingly necessary tool in today’s businesses.

Automation of tasks

One of the most important advantages of artificial intelligence is the automation of tasks. The more automated the job is, the more time employees will have to make the business more productive. Automation can range from the simplest to the most complex tasks. At the marketing level, we can automate a welcome email to a new newsletter subscriber or even a thank-you email for a purchase in our online store.

Better use of data

Artificial intelligence helps to compile data and analyze daily experiences to find patterns and ways of improvement. The artificial intelligence systems of data analysis independently calculate the information in order to generate insights essential for a correct decision making. With experience, machines will be able to learn how to predict behavior of employees and customers.

Estratégias de marketing em tempo real para o sucesso do seu negócio

Real-time marketing strategies for your business success

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Consumers are increasingly demanding and less patient: they want to find solutions and want to find them now! Nowadays, it is no longer enough to launch good content or a good marketing campaign: you have to be the first to have the idea that will solve the problems of consumers and offer something really different. The “now” is the trend of the moment and because of this rush to have solutions come up concepts such as real-time marketing. In today’s article, we are going to talk about real-time marketing strategies for the success of your business.


An event launching a product with real-time monitoring of consumers’ opinions on social media is a great way to find out how much people are receptive to the new offering. It is no longer enough to make a report after the event happens. It is necessary to accompany the second what consumers are thinking about the new product in order to fine-tune strategies.

Location-based advertising

Nowadays, many companies already advertise their services based on location. Through the GPS system, consumers receive information about restaurants, hairdressers and other services near the area where they are. In this way, it is much easier to get the attention of potential customers because they are in the vicinity of the service.

Analysis of consumption forecast

This strategy is widely used in e-commerce. Anyone who enters into online stores realizes that there is an intelligence behind that tells us related or complementary products regarding our searches. The goal of this real-time marketing strategy is to conduct cross selling and increase the average value of the purchase. Process automation, integration with databases and analysis of these data are essential tools for implementing this strategy.

Real-time data analysis

Launching campaigns and promotions is important to promote products and brands, but if there is no real follow-up in real time it is not possible to take the insights needed to make decisions. BAM tools like Multipeers are imperative in today’s business reality, as they allow you to analyze in real time what goes on in each of the business areas. Through a simple, informative dashboard, you can see if a product’s sales are increasing because of a specific campaign.

Entenda a relação entre análise de dados e gestão de marketing

Find the relationship between data analysis and marketing management

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Companies generate more and more data in their daily lives, but more important than quantity is the ability to analyze the information generated. There is currently 5 times more information than in 1987, and one of the biggest challenges for companies is to analyze data effectively so they can make decisions on the basis of reliable facts. Marketing management is one of the areas that can most benefit from the correct management of information. In today’s article, let’s talk about the relationship between data analysis and marketing management!

Create reports frequently

Data analysis should be done on a constant basis so that decisions are made on the basis of current information. Many companies make weekly reports and when they find the information this already has a few days. Ideally, you should create short, relevant and easy-to-read reports. Multipeers allows you to create simple reports, in which all users perceive information and analysis outputs. This change will positively impact the marketing actions, which will be much more controlled and effective.

To know what you want to analyze

The data are irrelevant if we don’t know what we need to do with them. It is essential to define the key metrics for analysis and to evaluate often whether the metrics we are analyzing still make sense to the business. Today, business happens at a very dynamic pace and this causes constant change. Analyzing data effectively allows us to offer better customer service because we will be more aware of what our target really need.

Customize user experience

Nowadays, the consumer is more and more demanding and it is essential to create a unique experience for each one of them. This task is only possible based on data analysis. Netflix is ​​a good example in this industry because it suggests movies and series according to the preferences and habits of each user. If you know your customer well, you will be able to provide a differentiated service and data analysis is essential in this chapter.

Real-time data analysis

Nowadays, it is no longer enough to analyze the data after a week of situations occur. Everything happens at a very fast pace and it is imperative that you analyze the data at the moment they happen. Multipeers allows you to analyze the data in real time and alerts you to situations that go beyond what was previously established as normal. Let’s imagine that you own a chair of fashion accessories and that you want every day until midday to sell X. If one day the value is outside your normal standard, Multipeers alerts you immediately so you can take actions such as launching a promotional campaign for that day.

Invest time in data analysis

Data is generated and often organized into reports that no one reads. In this case, the data loses its purpose and the organization loses the opportunity to have better results. It is very important that the marketing manager dedicates part of his time to analyzing the information, since only then it’s possible to create relevant strategies for the company.

Google Trends e informação em tempo real

Google Trends and real-time information

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Google Trends is a free platform that shows us the evolution of a given search over time. When searching for a word, the tool shows you a chart that lists the number of searches over time. This search can be filtered by category, location, and specific time period. In today’s article, we’ll cover the relationship between Google Trends, real-time information and benefits of using this tool for your business!

Real-time information

Increasingly, people are looking for up-to-the-minute information and are no longer content to read the news of yesterday in this morning: they seek to know, at every moment, what is happening in the World. Due to this greater requirement of users, Google Trends has expanded its search and provides a filter in real time. Google collects data from numerous sources, including searches on YouTube and Google News. You can follow the search for a particular keyword in real time and by geography, which gives us a lot of information about the interest of each country in a given topic.

How does Google Trends help my business?

Nowadays, all businesses need to have a strong online presence to win and it is essential that you know how to optimize your website and social media for search engines, otherwise it will not be found by your target audience. Google Trends gives us insight into what people are looking for right now. If your website has a blog where you create content about your area of ​​expertise, using Google Trends is almost mandatory. This tool will help you realize which of the most popular themes of the moment and then just find a way to relate it to your business to create relevant content at that time.

Google Trends lets you compare terms. If you have a sports clothing store, for example, you can compare different terms to find out what you should bet on in your digital marketing strategy. The tool will help you see if people in your country are looking for more about “Nike sportswear,” “Adidas sportswear,” or “New Balance sportswear.” This will allow you to use the most searched term and this will be reflected in the visits to your website.

The fact that you can search by region is also very important, as it allows you to target your target audience wisely. If you know that in the North of your country people are mostly searching for “Nike sportswear,” you’ll be able to create a more focused and better-performing campaign.


It is increasingly important to keep pace with the changing needs of consumers and their interests, since only in this way you will be able to produce quality and relevant content. The information generated by the minute on the web is practically immeasurable, so it is necessary to be attentive to everything to respond as quickly as possible to the desires of your target audience and thus stand out from the competition.

Real-time information is part of the business. Download our Business Activity Monitoring e-book and find how real-time management will help you achieve your goals!

5 Tendências de marketing para 2018

5 Marketing Trends for 2018

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The marketing world is moving at a very fast pace, and every year there are new trends and new ways of reaching the target audience. Today, companies combine traditional forms of marketing with digital marketing, which enables them to reach potential consumers across diverse platforms. In today’s article, we’ll cover the top 5 marketing trends for 2018!

Virtual reality

One of the main trends of the coming year will be the inclusion of virtual reality in companies, especially in the area of ​​marketing. One of the main applications of virtual reality in the world of marketing is to help the consumer in their decision to buy, because this technology allows to better visualize a product or service. It is possible to simulate the decoration of a house or even check how a particular room is before it is even built. Also in the online stores this technology applies very well, because it is possible to verify how a piece of clothing fits without having to go to the store to try it.

Real-time Marketing

Consumers are becoming more demanding and even in the mode of relationship with brands this tendency is verified. The current consumer is more impatient and this makes you prefer real-time contact with a brand than communicating by more traditional ways. People today prefer to watch a live stream (for example via Facebook or Instagram) than read a blog. This makes the brands have a window of opportunity in this area and can present their services, products and special moments of the company in real time.

Influencer Marketing

Companies in 2018 should continue to invest in digital influencers. There are more and more ad blockers and an alternative is to invest in digital influencers that are present in the day-to-day of the target audience. According to an article published in the Administrators Portal, it is proven that 90% of consumers rely on recommendations from colleagues. Only 33% value paid ads. Thus, companies must think of important people in their area of ​​action, in order to reach the target through a real influence.

Original content

Content marketing will continue to be of great importance in 2018. Companies should invest in 100% proprietary content for social networks and for websites and blogs. Netflix and Apple are two brands that work very well in this industry because they can always create original content that turns out to be viral. Today’s consumers are looking for different things, so companies should invest in this area.


Chatbots will grow a lot in 2018. Consumers are looking for real-time communication and want an instant response, so if companies don’t want to lose opportunities, they will have to invest in this new technology to efficiently respond to all requests.

Saiba como a Internet das Coisas vai influenciar o seu negócio

Find How Internet of Things Will Influence Your Business

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Internet of Things Will Influence Your Business

The Internet of Things describes a scenario in which various objects used in everyday life are connected to the Internet. Nowadays, more and more objects are connected to the Web. At the beginning of this digital age, it was only possible to connect smartphones and tablets, and yet, in recent years we have witnessed a revolution in this area and it is now possible to connect game consoles, Televisions and surveillance cameras to the network. The Internet of Things have a vision that goes even further beyond this and will greatly affect business. Today we are going to talk about the main impacts of the Internet of Things in business!

Smart service

The Internet of Things can greatly facilitate customer service. Nowadays, thanks to this technology, it is already possible to be warned that an item inside a refrigerator is near the end of the shelf life. This is a huge advantage for companies that sell frozen products, such as hypermarkets.

Real-time Marketing

With the Internet of Things it is possible to collect real and updated data on consumers in real time, anticipating their needs and creating strategies and campaigns that satisfy them. Real-time data collection is far more effective than thorough market research and changes the way we work in the business world, transforming companies into proactive rather than purely reactive organisms.

Equipment maintenance

The Internet of Things can be used to convey information about the wear and tear of a company’s equipment, thus helping with maintenance issues. It is also possible to recognize failures at the beginning of production processes, which allows the problem to be repaired immediately, preventing more serious complications in the future and avoiding losses of profit.


The connection of logistics equipment with the Internet of Things helps companies to increase their efficiency in customer service, and it is also possible to deliver faster and increase customer satisfaction. The whole business can be monitored in real time and all information is connected to each other.

Application in Data Center

In industries, the Internet of Things proves to be very useful as it is possible to measure temperature and humidity levels. The sensors are integrated with network and system monitoring tools and, if stipulated values ​​are exceeded, alerts are generated to take corrective actions.

Internet of Things will grow a lot in the next few years. A Gartner study estimates that there will be 8.4 billion devices connected by the end of 2017. Companies should take full advantage of the technologies, applying them for efficiency and customer satisfaction.