Find Multipeers

Easy to use

Multipeers features intuitive content and is highly customizable

Real-time information

Multipeers captures real-time data from different sources of information and instantly displays it in the format you choose

Setting Alerts

With Multipeers the user does not have to look for the information: it’s the information that comes to the user


Multipeers adapts to all areas of activity and it’s compatible with the most used operating systems in the market

Configurable in minutes

With Multipeers you can create a complete dashboard in a few hours and to set up a business alert in minutes


With the mobile version of Multipeers the user has the possibility to check the status of the company anywhere and be constantly updated.

O que dizem sobre nós

Undoubtedly, this platform is an innovative work and collaboration tool that facilitates the performance of our organization and the decision-making process through the real-time monitoring of a set of key indicators for the effectiveness and efficiency of the Municipality.

Sérgio Humberto, Municipio de Trofa

We harmonized procedures for collecting information within the diversity of software existing in the Group, thus facilitating the process of decentralization of decision making in the most varied hierarchical levels of the Redentor Group.

Francisco Pinheiro, Grupo Redentor

Multipeers allows all managers in our organization to gain total visibility and continuous monitoring over all of our activity, in addition to reducing operating costs.

Luís Feijó, Shamir

Multipeers was our natural choice as a quick way to make information available to decision-makers. Some of the key indicators are from the areas of Human Resources and customer service.

João Prudente, Municipio de Matosinhos

Our customers recognize the Multipeers solution as a strategic tool that gives real-time visibility into business performance, enabling analysis and continuous improvement, thus optimizing the agility and efficiency of business processes.

Ana Silva, ODD Consulting

Porquê Multipeers?

O Multipeers surge no mercado com o objetivo de entregar informação relevante sobre o negócio em tempo real diretamente onde preferir (desktop, tablet ou smartphone). Ao usar o Multipeers, o utilizador não necessita de perder tempo a procurar informação, tornando os processos e tomadas de decisão mais ágeis e eficazes. De modo simplificado, o Multipeers assume-se como um cockpit de gestão global.
Informação em tempo real

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