Multipeers4Fleets | Informação para o setor dos transportes
Multipeers4Fleets | Informação para o setor dos transportes

Innovative solution for the transport sector

Multipeers4Fleets comes as a response to a problem presented by companies operating in the transport sector. Managers in this area often complain about the lack of management information as well as the lack of direct visibility for all decision-makers. As it's necessary to seek information from a variety of systems, this spents a lot of time and some information is lost along the way, damaging future decisions.

Multipeers4Fleets enables you to continuously measure and analyze all events in the fleet management business so that you can make the best decisions for the future of your business. Through simple and intuitive dashboards, you can analyze the expenses of each vehicle in the fleet, find the factors that contribute to a fuel increase, set alerts whenever something important happens, among many other features.


ANALYSIS Constant measurement and analysis of each vehicle or the entire fleet

PROACTIVITY Decide at any moment to deal with deviations that may be happening in the fleet

CUSTOM ALERTS Definition of business alerts, at any time, according to the most relevant indicators for the company

COMPLEMENTARITY Connection with telemetry systems, ERP's and others systems in the transport sector

INTERACTIVE DASHBOARDS Easy to read and analyze information through interactive and visually appealing dashboards

NO NEED FOR CLICKS Automatic and permanent updating, with no need for user intervention

MOBILITY Possibility to consult information in real time through mobile devices

TURNKEY SERVICE Solution 100% as a service, dispensing technical knowledge

COLLABORATION Available information to all decision-makers, and their consultation can be done simultaneously


Early detection of problems: real-time detection of problems such as deviations in route, unexpected changes in consumption, among others
No initial investment: you start paying only when you begin to collect the benefits of the product
Total return of the investment: the savings generated by the use of the product cover the expenses with the tool
Mobility: wherever you go, you'll always have access to business metrics through your mobile device
Eliminates information losses: the information is condensed into a single platform, making it easier to consult and eliminating the possibility of losing important information

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