5 Ferramentas que facilitam a comunicação entre departamentos

5 Tools that facilitate communication between departments

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Most companies are concerned with communicating effectively abroad, but often forget to communicate internally. Internal communication is the basis of all the action of the company, because if the various departments don’t communicate with each other, it is impossible to give an image of cohesion to the public and it becomes very difficult to achieve the objectives. In business day-to-day work, it is not always easy to communicate with all colleagues, but there are tools that facilitate this task. Today we present you 5 tools that facilitate communication between departments!

Google Drive and/or Dropbox

Working with these platforms greatly improves communication and team interaction as documents are worked in the cloud and are automatically saved, making it much easier to share among all team members. The use of these tools also ensures that documents are not lost in pen drives and external disks, and are always safeguarded in the cloud.


Whatsapp is a very important tool for work teams because it allows us to create groups, exchange opinions and share documents. As it is a tool to be used in the mobile phone, we can be aware of everything that happens, even if it we are physically absent from the office.


Slack is widely used by technology companies. In this application you can chat individually, create groups, teams and share files. It also allows integration with other tools such as Dropbox, Google Analytics or Twitter. It also allows creating questionnaires within the application, facilitating the exchange of ideas and the sharing of opinions by all members of the company.


This tool is essential for anyone who sends lots of emails per day to teams. Bananatag is an add-on to the email box, which indicates whether the messages were delivered, which emails were opened, and who clicked on the links and attached attachments. This tool can be integrated in Outlook, Gmail and the most used email services.


This is a task management and monitoring application. It is divided into tables where tasks can be defined by teams. It is also possible to create task lists and assign them to each employee. Throughout the execution of the tasks, the status of each item is updated, being very easy to see at what point of execution each task is.

Extra tip:

Multipeers is a business monitoring system that allows you to analyze what is happening in the company. It is a BAM system that gives us information about the state of each department, as it condenses information from the various data sources into a single platform. In this way, it is easier for managers to know what goes on in each department, improving communication among all and allowing improvements and corrections to be applied!