Entenda a importância da gestão de indicadores

Get to know the importance of indicators management

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Indicators are fundamental to the good performance of a company. It is the indicators, or KPIs, that tell us what state the business is in and whether we are actually meeting the previously established goals. Based on company performance indicators, managers can make more assertive and informed decisions. BAM tools like Multipeers allow you to keep track of KPIs continuously and in real time, allowing you to pay greater attention to meeting your goals, effectively increasing the company’s degree of success. Let’s understand in today’s article how important is the management of corporate indicators!

Company strategy known by everyone

“If we don’t know where we are going, any path is good,” so it is very important for companies to know where they are going and for each employee to know the work they are supposed to do. If we are unaware of the results we must achieve with our work, we can do anything, and this is possibly not in line with the overall goals of the organization. Defining the indicators of each employee and linking to the monitoring system is essential for obtaining a global and integrated view of the company’s state and performance.

Making the right decision

The indicators give us a lot of information about the company and to that extent make decision making much more efficient. Managers often complain about the lack of information about the company to make a conscious decision and these performance indicators play a prominent role when making decisions about the future of the company. Managers can only make assertive and correct decisions if they have a complete knowledge of the business reality. And nothing better than updated management indicators that are appropriate to the reality of the company.

Give us real numbers about the state of the company

Indicators allow for measurable results. And this is very important in a company, because numbers don’t lie and help us understand where we go wrong and where we get it right. It is not enough to have a subjective knowledge about the company’s results: it is necessary to know objectively the true values ​​of the organization. By analyzing the KPIs it is possible to redefine strategies and change what is not giving positive results.

Increase sales and improve overall business performance.

When well defined and implemented, management indicators help drive sales. When there are definite goals and rewards associated with achieving them, the tendency is for employees to strive even harder to achieve their goals. This creates healthy competition between the different salespeople and in the end the company gains from increasing sales.

As principais tendências na visualização de dados

Top 5 trends in data visualization

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Data is increasingly important to companies and knowing how to interpret them correctly and quickly is a constant challenge. The current business world is very fast, so it is no longer possible for companies to survive only at the expense of lengthy reports. Business Intelligence, artificial intelligence and the need for real-time information are changing the way we view data. In today’s article, we present the key trends in data visualization!

Location-based data analysis and visualization

Mobile applications and social networks are increasingly using geo-referencing. In this way, it is possible to know where a customer is located and to send personalized and useful information at the moment, in order to stimulate a purchase. This trend will be well present in the future, where applications will begin to integrate more analysis based on geotags.

Data visualization for all

The tendency is for all employees in a company to have access to data that is important for the performance of their obligations. If the data were previously only available to top managers and decision makers, in the future it is expected that there will be a democratization of data access so that all employees are better informed and better able to perform their tasks.

Interactive Dashboards

The large volume and complexity of data requires new ways of analyzing information. Interactive dashboards are going to be a big trend next year. Softwares such as Multipeers allow the creation of an interactive dashboard with information from several data sources, which makes the analysis faster and, consequently, the decision making is faster and efficient.

Presence on multiple platforms

Companies should be present on various platforms (social media, blog, website) and thus collect data from various sources. This information can be used to better understand customers and their needs and desires. In this way, business portfolio can be adapted to the real needs of consumers, which will make them more loyal to the brand.

Data Scientists

This will be one of the most important professions in the future. A data scientist is an analytical professional who has the technical capabilities to solve complex problems and has come up to deal with the huge amount of unstructured data that companies have to deal with on a daily basis. This professional creates algorithms to extract insights from the data generated by the diverse sources of information and presents them in a practical and simple format to analyze by the decision makers, who will be able to define strategies and decide the best way for the company.

Franquias disponibilizam informações facilitadas

Franchises make information easier

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The franchise model has been growing year after year, new networks are created and the competition gets more and more fierce.

For a franchisor to establish itself in such a competitive market, more and more automation is needed.

Using information technology to collect and process information in real time ensuring speed and efficiency in decision making, resulting in successful franchises.

Franchises that wish to establish themselves need to know what we will address in this article.

Customer Customization

With competition from an increasingly globalized world, every second is important, processing and analyzing thousands of information in real time, enabling franchises to know customers’ preferences and needs, and how to solve their problems.

Today as much as the product of the franchises is a “commodities” all customers want to be called by name, meaning they want to be served in a personalized way.

Knowing this, setting your buyer persona and tracking the purchase journey is a mission that all businesses are pursuing, and the Franchises are in that scenario. This ensures franchisees time savings, assertiveness with prospects.

In addition to knowing each step of the consumers allows improvements in the processes.

Keep an eye on the market

If on the one hand there is a need for customer customization, on the other a careful look at the market and also the competition is a critical factor for the business.

Monitoring the market minutely allows the identification of problems and quick correction, or else the correctness of these assertive actions.

Some models

Digital marketing franchises are a very interesting example that use information in favor of the entire network.
For example, Liguesite uses automated information collection and processing systems for the benefit of the entire network.

Sources of data and content

Multipeers is a real-time data analysis system with which it is possible to aggregate all the information related to the business in a single system and has shown flexibility for several segments including the Franchise. With this system the information becomes simpler, reducing the time previously spent to collect and process information from various sources.

Advantages of using Multipeers on franchises

Reducing costs by simplifying processes, since real-time information management presents the information in a compressed and ready for analysis, reducing the time with extensive reports analysis, so franchisees and employees of the franchises will be able to perform other activities.

Fulfilled Goals

Franchise goals are a very delicate matter, so, soon after the implementation of Multipeers in the sectors, the average of 70% of the monthly objectives can be achieved. In addition, reorganizing teams is possible with well-adjusted system information.

If you need help choosing the best franchise to invest in, or just want to open your own business with information from the Multipeers system, for more security, freedom and growth, feel free to contact us.

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