5 Erros a evitar na gestão dos clientes

5 Mistakes to avoid in customer management

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The Customer is the most important part of a company. Companies make a lot of mistakes when it comes to dealing with customers and their needs, and these mistakes often lead to the loss of important customers. In today’s article, we talk about the 5 mistakes to avoid in managing customers.

Press Customer

Many companies make the mistake of chasing the customer, either through phone calls or emails. When there is a first contact, you have to give the customer time to evaluate the possible purchase of the product or service offered by the company. No one likes to be constantly bothered and companies need to be made aware that the quality of the contact is worth more than the number of times they contact prospects.

Not knowing the customer and their needs

One of the worst mistakes in managing clients is treating all customers the same way. It is unpleasant when we are attended by an operator who seems robotic and who has a rehearsed speech and does not escape the script. CRM tools help companies to know each customer, their needs and preferences. They also provide information on the most appropriate time to act, either by sending a special campaign or a product sample. You can connect a CRM system to a business monitoring system such as Multipeers. In this way, you will have real-time and always up-to-date information about your customers.

Sell ​​only once

Many commercials are concerned only with the single sale and don’t work towards customer loyalty. Certainly, the first sale is, in theory, the most difficult, since the customer still doesn’t know the company and the products. Focusing on the single sale is a very common mistake that can cause the company to lose sales in the future. Business teams should be concerned about maintaining customer contact in order to guide you toward future purchases and this is achieved through good after-sales service.

Complicating customer service

Unfortunately, there are many companies specializing in this field, especially telecommunication and internet service companies. It is very annoying for a customer to have to repeat their problem to three or four different people. The customer service should always be as pleasant and short as possible because only then can you pass on an image of professionalism. If the customer needs to talk to four people before seeing their problem solved, they will get the feeling that the company is disorganized.

Don’t guide and educate the client

Providing relevant and useful content to the customer about the products or services is a way to educate customers and share important information so that they choose your product. Creating a FAQ section, creating a blog about the area of ​​your activity and having a regular presence on the main social networks are good ways to educate the customer about your product.

A importância da tecnologia na gestão financeira

The importance of technology in financial management

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Financial management is one of the most important areas in a company. It is essential that managers have a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the expenses that happen in their business, so as to know how much they can invest in the future. The information flow that exists in companies today is huge, so it is imperative that companies adopt technological solutions appropriate to the specifics of their business, so that they can take full advantage of the help that technology provides us. In today’s article, we will address the importance of technology in financial management!

Centralization of information

The sharing of information on the Internet, namely in the Cloud, allows all employees to have access to the same document, facilitating their consultation and editing. However, ERPs are very complete resources that interconnect all sectors of the company, computerizing the data and automating the processes. To complete the ERP solution, technology provides us with another solution: the BAM system. Softwares like Multipeers allow information coming from all the company’s data sources to be consulted on a single dashboard and in real time, which will facilitate decision making!

More efficient decision making

With a system that generates reports simply and quickly, it becomes much easier to make strategic decisions. Often, bad decisions happen because managers don’t have a real knowledge of what actually goes on in the company. With the use of technology, the information becomes more accessible and the decisions taken will be more assertive.

Mobility: an ally of good management

Managers spend some time outside the company at events and meetings. If this was a problem before, due to the technology, everything was solved. For example, Multipeers lets you, in addition to being able to query information on mobile devices, set business alerts for certain actions. For example, if you have a chain of stores and you want to be alerted whenever the middle of the day has not made X sales value, Multipeers will alert you by SMS or email so you can, regardless of where you are, act immediately.

More effective data communication

Technology has improved communication, as there are more and more systems to transmit information, from e-mails, various softwares, cloud solutions, among others. Internal communication benefits greatly from the correct use of technology, but there have also been significant improvements in communication with banking institutions, since it is now possible to make transfers and consult balances and movements anywhere, from a mobile device.

Increased productivity

With more efficient software, process automation happens more easily, which means that every employee can devote himself to tasks that really need the utmost attention. The end result, in the medium and long term, will be an increase in overall productivity, which will be reflected in the company’s profits.

As principais vantagens da gestão documental para as empresas

The main advantages of document management for companies

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Document management: find the main advantages for companies

Document management is essential for the correct functioning of a company. Nowadays, there is more and more data in companies, which delays quick access to information, leads to loss of documents and complicates decision making. The implementation of a document management system allows companies to manage their unstructured information. In this article we will talk about the key advantages of document management for companies!


A document management system allows paper documents to be scanned, giving rise to electronic documents that are classified and available according to certain criteria. In this way, it will be much easier to consult invoices and contracts, for example.

Control of information flows

With a document management system it is easier to guarantee information security because there is knowledge about where it is. With these systems, it is also possible to define processes and ensure that they are fulfilled from the moment a new document arrives at the organization until its treatment and cataloging.

Reducing costs and increasing productivity

This is the advantage that most pleases the managers. As there is greater speed in the availability, access and treatment of documents, employees are free to perform other tasks that bring productivity to the company. The reduction of costs is a consequence of this increase of productivity. Another factor contributing to savings is the reduced need for storage space, which is a heavy expense in most businesses.

Facilitated search

Document management systems provide a search engine capable of performing document searches for its content or features, instantly locating it, anytime, anywhere. Documents can also be connected to business monitoring systems such as Multipeers, making them important data sources for decision making.

Reduction of number of documents

The use of specialized software in process automation is essential for organizations and allows to reduce the number of documents. The advantages are immense, starting with the ease in finding the information until the decrease (or even elimination) of the use of paper in the companies.

Lower risk of information loss

Paper documents are harder to catalog and more likely to get lost. With the great volume of information that comes to companies on a daily basis, it becomes humanly impossible to manage all the available data. With the use of a document management system it is easier to save the information and ensure that no important data is lost.

The current economic situation means that companies have as their main objectives to increase productivity and reduce costs. The technology, when well used, is an important ally of business management and contributes on a large scale to better levels of income.

Conheça os ganhos de fazer a gestão integrada da sua empresa

Find the benefits of doing the integrated management of your company

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Managing a business is not easy. There are many influencing variables and without good control over all of them it is difficult to find good solutions. And having control of everything that goes on inside your company has already been extremely impractical. Nowadays, there are good solutions that allow this type of analysis and thus guarantee that you can make the best decisions according to your needs for your day-to-day life. The best solution is to make an integrated management of your company, interconnecting the most varied information routinely and ensuring agility when making decisions and follow up. Although it may seem complex, an ERP may be all you ever needed.

What is an ERP (Integrated Management System)?

An online ERP system is nothing more than a software that is responsible for organizing many different activities of a company, facilitating access and monitoring by every manager anywhere and in real time. And this type of software is not only limited to the process of receiving the data, but also presents analyzes and reports of great importance for a manager of any type of company. It is, without doubt, an essential tool for organizational control and analysis. It is possible to carry out customer registration, financial control, stock control, electronic invoices issuing among other functionalities.

The benefits of doing the integrated management of your company

There are several reasons for you to seriously consider using an integrated management system to increase the efficiency of your business. More than a simple system, this tool is a great revolution in information management. And all this begins in the sense of centralizing everything in one place. The most common is to find companies that present different programs for each activity. That is, software for logistical control, another program for accounts payable, a third for control of human resources area and so on.The problem with this type of operation is precisely the difficulty in obtaining  analyzes and reports since everything that is registered is spread in different programs. With this unification is obligatorily done by a person – which not only makes the process slower, but also increases the possibility of errors. An ERP eliminates this problem.

The company in your hands

This centralization of information is especially important for the manager who identifies problems in the organizational routine. It is common to find cases where errors occur due to errors in the information control model (often performed in manual spreadsheets). This is the case, for example, of payments. How many companies do not lose money simply because of a lack of organization or because they don’t realize that they will not have enough resources to pay them off? With an ERP everything becomes easier since control of everything will be in the palm of your hand.
For the manager the best is the real-time monitoring of everything that is released in the system (and in this case you can connect your ERP with Multipeers). So when you know that something needs to be paid in a day and you don’t find the launch, you can already charge the industry responsible and mitigating any mistakes that may happen. And it is not only internally that an integrated management system guarantees good results, but also on sales. This is because the control is also done in real time, including customer registration – allowing monitoring not only of results, but also of loyalty and satisfaction. The system also allows all sales processes to be done in a simplified way – from the initial budget, through the relationship and in charge of issuing the invoice.

Enjoy the gains of making your company’s integrated management

Anyway, there are numerous reasons to use an ERP in your company. Control, processes, information management … All this comes in a way that facilitates the life of managers independent of their field of activity. It’s not just software: it’s a complete evolution of your company.
If you want to know more about how a business management software works and how it can increase the results and productivity of your company, talk to us!


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Conheça as 4 fases de um desastre informático e saiba como proteger-se

Get to Know the 4 Phases of a Computer Disaster and Find How to Protect Your Data

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Computer disasters exist and people who think that only happens to others are wrong. The causes for these disasters are immense: inadequate infrastructure, unskilled professionals, lack of security software, among many others. In this article, we’ll talk about the phases of a computer disaster and give you some tips so you can protect yourself and avoid these situations in the future!

Worry phase

After a disaster, and if the company is not properly protected, a wave of concern arises. “Did we lose all the data?”: the affirmative answer to this question can result in a fall in productivity and will be reflected in the profit of the company. The company, at this early stage of the computer disaster, feels lost and cannot reorganize itself in order to continue to produce normally.

Acceptance and understanding phase

After the initial phase of panic and concern, it’s time to look at the real impact the disaster will have on the company. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate what needs to be done, what data were most affected, among other essential aspects to the good functioning of the company.

Phase of redoing what was already done

This is the stage where you will have to organize the work that had already been done previously. Sometimes a computer disaster destroys work done years ago. It is important to be aware that at this stage the old work and the current work will overlap, which will make the workload of the employees increase significantly. It is necessary to make a good time management so as not to lose the old work and at the same time do not harm the current tasks.

Normality phase

After all the confusion generated by the computer disaster, it’s time to get back to normal. It will not be an easy task, since a computer disaster always leaves sequels, but gradually the company will return to its usual routine. It is crucial that after such a situation, companies protect themselves and ensure that in future disasters they have control over their data.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Disaster recovery plans are essential for planning actions that ensure that a disaster doesn’t harm with the company’s performance. In addition to this proactive action, the disaster recovery plans also have a reactive action, through the action of executing emergency actions, previously planned and that guarantee the immediate resolution of problems. Disaster recovery is still defined as the set of procedures to be performed in crisis situations. The ultimate goal is to save your company data so your information stays safe and sound.

“It’s worth more to be safe than sorry” is an absolute truth when it comes to computer disasters. Learn about IT PEERS security solutions and ensure you don’t lose valuable information even in the most extreme situations!