Os 5 maiores benefícios do uso da análise de dados para as suas vendas

Top 5 Benefits of Using Data Analysis for Your Sales

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More than having a quality product and a competent sales team, it is essential to gather information about your business and the market and analyze them. This measure offers a number of benefits and to find out what are the top 5 benefits of using data analysis for your sales, you’ll find the following topics in this article:

  • Market knowledge;
  • More efficient marketing;
  • Greater sales conversion;
  • Decision-making;
  • Mobility of data analysis.

Knowledge of the market

There are many benefits of using data analysis for your sales, one of the main ones being to help market knowledge. After all, if you don’t understand the segment in which you act are great the chances of making mistakes. On the other hand, by being aware of its operation it is possible to always be ahead of the competition.

In this way, you can offer your target audience solutions in products and services that meet their needs, as this is one of the most assertive strategies to attract potential consumers to your business. With the knowledge of the market you can still, therefore, dictate trends and follow innovations and benefit from them.

More efficient marketing

Just as data analysis allows you to understand your industry so that you can keep up with it and stay in the middle of the competition, the study of information also enables your business to invest in more efficient marketing actions. This is one more way to win over your target audience and sell more. With the analysis of data, you can still reduce investments with marketing, since it is possible to focus on the actions that offer the best results, without spending on what doesn’t give the expected return. In times of wide variety of marketing actions that can be done, nothing better than identifying the most advantageous for your business.

Higher sales conversion

When you know the market and the most efficient marketing campaigns are carried out, a natural consequence is the greater conversion of sales. After all, selling more is the goal of every business, as it means more profit and possibility to grow your business and make it more modern. Analyzing the data also helps the team identify who are the consumers of your product and thus adjust advertising campaigns and even the product or service itself to serve them more appropriately. In addition, it allows you to understand the buying behavior of consumers and thus present your merchandise at the right time.


While analyzing data for your sales control is essential, this task can cost a lot of time for your team when it’s done without the use of the right tools. Nowadays, even small businesses work with a large flow of information and analyzing all your business data can be quite costly. With this, your team will take a lot more time to get the answers you are looking for and when that happens it may already be too late. To do so, there are tools that help in analyzing data, showing the relevant information in real time and clearly, through graphs and other resources. In addition to agility these features promote the sharing of data with all involved, making the work more organized. All of this is of utmost importance for making decisions, because without up-to-date and complete information you run the risk of not making the best choices for your business.

Mobility of data analysis

The appropriate tools for analyzing the data should still offer remote access. This advantage is useful at different times, since you and your team are not always in the company. In addition, decision-making often occurs during outside sales and in meetings outside the company. But with a system that offers data analysis mobility that can be done anywhere and anytime, you can make the right decisions whenever you need them. To perform this task and other business management activities the ERP for small and medium enterprises ManagementClick is a complete resource.

This system automates all your business data, connects industries and automates processes. Thus, in addition to dynamism, you can count on the most complete data security of your company. For margin, these softwares allow you to manage from the customer registry to complete the financial control program of your company.

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As melhores dicas para divulgar o seu negócio

The Best Tips to Announce Your Business

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Find the best options to communicate your business

It is no longer a secret that in order to succeed with your business it is necessary to invest in communication and in ways of dissemination. In a time when digital channels multiply and traditional forms of communication seem to be slowly disappearing, it becomes difficult to decide which forms of advertising we should bet on. In this article we will introduce you to the best tips to advertise your business!

Create a strong online presence

Nowadays if a business doesn’t exist online it doesn’t exist! Having a good website is key to being able to attract your target audience. People are not currently looking for information in phone books: they search in Google. If you don’t appear when people are searching for your business, it is most likely to lose a customer to the competition. It is also very important to be present in the social media that your target prefers. Do market research and realize in which digital platforms your target consumer spends the most time. Then create relevant and interesting content and create interaction with your followers. Another advantage of using social media is the ability to create paid campaigns, where you can segment the audience that you want to target. Digital campaigns can be measured in real time, which is an advantage for marketers as they can quickly adapt an unsuccessful strategy and avoid unnecessary spending of money.

E-mail marketing

The e-mail is still viewed with some mistrust by modern communications professionals. However, when email marketing is used correctly you can retain many customers and lead potential customers to buy. E-mail marketing campaigns should not focus on selling the product, but rather on the relationship with the customer, so that he feels important to the brand. Sending articles related to your business area and exclusive discount coupons are good ideas for email marketing campaigns.

Presence in fairs and events

Who is seen is remembered and despite the success of the communication in the digital media it is essential not to forget that marking presence in events “offline” is also very important. Choose the most important fairs and events in your industry to be present. Distributing flyers and giveaways by potential customers is still a strategy that works out very well. These events usually have very high participation values, so you should analyze all the possibilities very well and choose the ones that can bring you a higher return.

Produce videos

If your product is visual or if you have a service that requires an explanation to be used by your customers, a video is a very good option. Communication through videos has gained a great attention in recent months. Putting short videos on Instagram is essential to building a closer relationship with your customers. For more complex and longer videos, YouTube is the best option.

Analyze and measure results

This is the last tip and it is the most important of them. There’s no point in launching campaigns and creating content if you don’t then analyze the results of your actions. It is only through frequent analysis that you can understand whether your efforts are having the desired return. If they are, you can continue with the same strategy. If you are not achieving the expected results you should think about a new strategy. Only in this way can your business evolve.

Saiba como a Internet das Coisas vai influenciar o seu negócio

Find How Internet of Things Will Influence Your Business

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Internet of Things Will Influence Your Business

The Internet of Things describes a scenario in which various objects used in everyday life are connected to the Internet. Nowadays, more and more objects are connected to the Web. At the beginning of this digital age, it was only possible to connect smartphones and tablets, and yet, in recent years we have witnessed a revolution in this area and it is now possible to connect game consoles, Televisions and surveillance cameras to the network. The Internet of Things have a vision that goes even further beyond this and will greatly affect business. Today we are going to talk about the main impacts of the Internet of Things in business!

Smart service

The Internet of Things can greatly facilitate customer service. Nowadays, thanks to this technology, it is already possible to be warned that an item inside a refrigerator is near the end of the shelf life. This is a huge advantage for companies that sell frozen products, such as hypermarkets.

Real-time Marketing

With the Internet of Things it is possible to collect real and updated data on consumers in real time, anticipating their needs and creating strategies and campaigns that satisfy them. Real-time data collection is far more effective than thorough market research and changes the way we work in the business world, transforming companies into proactive rather than purely reactive organisms.

Equipment maintenance

The Internet of Things can be used to convey information about the wear and tear of a company’s equipment, thus helping with maintenance issues. It is also possible to recognize failures at the beginning of production processes, which allows the problem to be repaired immediately, preventing more serious complications in the future and avoiding losses of profit.


The connection of logistics equipment with the Internet of Things helps companies to increase their efficiency in customer service, and it is also possible to deliver faster and increase customer satisfaction. The whole business can be monitored in real time and all information is connected to each other.

Application in Data Center

In industries, the Internet of Things proves to be very useful as it is possible to measure temperature and humidity levels. The sensors are integrated with network and system monitoring tools and, if stipulated values ​​are exceeded, alerts are generated to take corrective actions.

Internet of Things will grow a lot in the next few years. A Gartner study estimates that there will be 8.4 billion devices connected by the end of 2017. Companies should take full advantage of the technologies, applying them for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Saiba como a análise de dados o pode ajudar a definir uma estratégia de mercado

Find how data analysis can help you to define a market strategy

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Understand how data analysis can help you define strategies

Intuition is not enough when deciding what’s best for your company. Fact-based data analysis increases the likelihood of making the best decisions for the future of your business. More and more managers are aware that analyzing data in a timely manner is a necessity in today’s business world. In this article, we’ll explain how data analysis can help you to define a market strategy.

Data from various sources provide a global view of the market

Analyzing data from various sources is essential to have complete and comprehensive information about the state of your business. It is essential that you be attentive to the market and the sources outside the organization are of the utmost importance. If you always know what is going on in the market where you operate, you will be able to keep abreast of trends and changes, being able to be one step ahead of the competition. Data analysis helps you figure out what to do next.

Analyzing the information left by the client allows to draw a real profile

It is mandatory to know the client’s profile, their needs and expectations. We can draw this profile if we are attentive to the signs that they leave in the different channels of communication with the company. In today’s digital world, we all leave clues and everything the customer does on the Internet can be relevant information for building his profile. His behavior creates statistics, which in turn create consumer behaviors. Through this data, we can improve our service for that customer, increasing their connection with the brand.

Analyzing the results of marketing actions improves its performance

Everything we do at the marketing level must be measured. Through analytics tools such as Google Analytics, you can identify which areas of the site are performing best and target efforts to those who are not performing well. At the level of social media this also applies and we should always analyze all actions. In this way, the analysis of data allows to improve the performance of marketing, which will be good for all the areas of the business.

True information increases confidence in decisions

Decisions made on the basis of actual business data will increase the confidence of managers. And this increase in confidence will be positive for business growth as the manager will be able to make tougher decisions more consciously and the risk of making mistakes will be lower.

Knowledge of competition improves our market positioning

Analyzing the actions of the competition and creating statistics with these data will give us a better perception of what our competitors do and will allow us to have a better market positioning. Real-time information is increasingly a necessity and allows us to know at every moment what is going on around us so that we can act quickly and consciously.

Multipeers is a business monitoring software that allows you to manage your business in real time. Talk to us and know the product that will change all the management of your business!

5 Digital Marketing Trends that Influence Management

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Get to know digital marketing trends that most influence the management

The evolution of technology has created new forms of consumption and the market has adapted to a new way of relating to potential and current customers. These changes made digital marketing a major player in today’s business. Nowadays, everything happens at a dizzying speed and changes occur with high frequency. Businesses need to act proactively and need to be aware of trends in order to be able to follow market and competition effectively. We present you 5 digital marketing trends that influence management!

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Google and Facebook are the two giants in this war. Creating ads on these two platforms is an increasingly obvious trend. Google Adwords and Facebook allow you to create more and more targeted ads, which makes it much easier for companies to communicate with potential customers. The reach of Facebook page publications is increasingly reduced, which clearly indicates that Facebook wants to focus on and privilege the pages that sponsor publications. At Google Adwords we see more and more targeted and sophisticated ads, which shows us that the great Internet search giant is constantly investing and innovating its services.

Customer focus

More than ever, the focus must be customer-centric. The massive use of social media privileges the contact of companies with potential customers and allows you to create content according to your needs and preferences. Offering a good shopping experience and good after-sales service is essential for customer loyalty. Companies should keep in mind that nowadays it’s very easy for an unsatisfied customer to spread a negative message about a certain product or service, so they should maximize all their efforts to please him. Brands should be careful to monitor in real time all that is said in the digital world so that they can respond in a timely manner with appropriate actions. Softwares like Multipeers allow you to analyze all the business information to the minute and are increasingly essential in today’s business world.

Big Data

The great volume of data that businesses have to deal with every day is one of the main concerns of the moment. Data is information and more than ever having information is having power to decide consciously. Analytics tools such as Google Analytics should be used to gain insights about digital presence of brand. In this way, companies can restructure and adapt their web presence according to their performance.

Mobile Predominance

Internet access via mobile devices has already exceeded desktop accesses and the trend is to continue to rise in the near future. The search engines have already adapted to this new reality and privilege websites that are mobile-friendly. Companies must include in their digital marketing strategy a space to make their websites increasingly responsive. The widespread use of mobile devices to access the Internet also enhances access to various social media. Currently the consumer doesn’t surf on the Internet: he lives online.


This new concept encourages the return of a customer to finish a purchase that he has started and is one of the main trends in the area of ​​e-commerce. Remarketing increases lead conversion and customer rapprochement. The great thing is to win back the lead and present content to his needs until he makes the purchase.

Digital marketing is undoubtedly a major trend of the business world and companies should invest in having a positive digital presence. Interesting content, mobile “friend” sites and total customer focus are indispensable weapons to win today!

7 KPI’s obrigatórios para gestores de marketing

7 KPIs required for marketing managers

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Get to know the most important KPIs to measure your marketing results

Measuring digital marketing results is mandatory if you want to identify areas that need improvement and if you want to have a great performance. By analyzing your marketing results frequently, you will have a more global view of the business and be able to make more conscientious decisions. The marketing world is extremely vast and it is not always easy to know which are the most important indicators for the business. In this article we present you 7 mandatory digital KPIs for marketing managers!

Website traffic: visits

This metric is essential and shows how many visits you had on the website in a given time frame. It is important not to confuse this metric with the number of people who visited the site: this value tells us how many visits users made to your site, and the same person may have entered the site 10 times or more. This indicator is critical to the success of the sales funnel because the more visitors you have, the greater the likelihood of generating leads and sales. You can easily find this value in the Google Analytics dashboard.

Number of organic visits

Within the number of visits to the website, the number of organic visits stands out. Organic visits are those that come to your site through search engine search. People can get to your site because it appeared in the results when there was a search for a certain keyword. So the more organic visitors you have, the better positioned your site will be. This also means that the keywords you are using are the right ones for your business and the ones your target audience uses.

Conversion rate

Having lots of visits on the website is very important and means that our site is performing well and is showing up in the search engines. However, it is not enough that the visitor navigates the site and leaves it without leaving us a contact or without buying something. The conversion rate lists the number of visitors to the website with the number of visitors who make a purchase. It is a very important indicator because it allows us to realize if our site is really intuitive.


ROI means return on investment and measures the end result of an investment: it relates all the expenses involved in an action to the profits made by that same action. The formula for calculating ROI is as follows: ROI = Net Profit (Total Investment Profit – Cost of Total Investment) / Cost of Investment. If the ROI is greater than zero, it means that the investment was positive for the company. If you have negative values, there was a loss.

Cost per lead

This KPI shows us how much it costs the company to get a lead. We get the value after dividing the amount of money invested in digital marketing by the number of leads generated. Studies indicate that the cost per lead generated through digital marketing is about 61% lower than the leads generated by traditional marketing. Knowing how much it costs us to generate a lead is essential so that we can redistribute the investments and improve the results.

Visits generated by social networks

If your company is committed to communicating through social media, you should always measure the impact it has on your website and business. It’s no use posting good material in the company profiles if it doesn’t translate into visits and sales. Weekly you should measure how many visits you had from each social profile and should invest more in those that more visits generate through the website. If a social media doesn’t generate any visitors, you should consider whether it is worthwhile to continue investing time in this profile.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate shows us the percentage of visitors who were only on one page of your site. The higher this fee, the worse it will be for you because it means that there were many visitors giving up quickly of your site. This may mean that your site is not appealing or has little relevant information. Whenever this value is too high, you should invest time in improving the website. Otherwise you may lose many business opportunities.

Increasingly it is essential to keep track of the state of the business and the marketing situation of the company in real time. Marketing has been gaining more importance in the business world due to the great competitiveness that exists today in the markets. Want to know how you can keep track of your business in real time? Get to know Multipeers today!

Saiba como criar métricas relevantes para o seu negócio

Learn how to build relevant metrics for your business

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How to create metrics relevant to your business?

For a company to achieve success and positive results, it’s essential that the most important metrics that allow us to evaluate the profitability and productivity of the business are defined. Nowadays, with the possibility of having data in real time, it’s easier to have access to information. But do you know how to create relevant to your business? In this article, we leave you some tips!

Collect data: With solutions like Multipeers, you can aggregate all company data in one place, presenting them in a simple and appealing way. In this way, the time spent searching for the information is shorter and the decisions taken are more conscious and informed.

Make the data important: the data collected must have an objective, otherwise they lose all their importance. Thus, it’s fundamental that when we collect data we already know what we want to analyze with them.

Create your own definition of success: each department must clearly define where they reach the level of success, and they must be realistic because putting too unrealistic values ​​can increase the level of frustration. The metrics you analyze in each department must be in accordance with this definition of success.

Each business has its own particularities, but there are metrics that should always be analyzed as they give us a good insight into the current state of the business.

We highlight the conversion rate which is the accounting of how many conversions were made in relation to the total traffic that the company website had and the cost of acquisition of each customer that is the sum of the total spent on marketing and sales to be divided by the total number of customers.