Why Multipeers?

Multipeers comes as a response to a real market need. In order to survive in a global economy, companies must have the means to respond quickly to market changes. It's essential to have at your disposal mechanisms that make it possible to take decisions quickly for a good business management. In most companies, decision-making is based on reports, intranets, and emails that require the user to look up the information. Due to this reality, many companies lost business opportunities because they didn't have information in a timely manner. Likewise, on many occasions decisions have been made on the basis of outdated information, rendering them ineffective and wrong. To combat this difficulty, Multipeers comes out with the objective of delivering relevant information about the business in real time directly to your devices (desktop, tablet or smartphone). By using Multipeers, you don't need to spend time looking for information, making processes and decision making much more agile and effective. In a simplified way, Multipeers assumes itself as a global, automated and real-time management cockpit.

Real-time information

The life of your company is happening now and it’s vital that you have direct visibility into what is happening at each moment in each area of the organization. Multipeers captures real-time data from different sources of information and displays them instantly in the format you choose.

No need for clicks

Multipeers updates permanently and automatically, so there is no need for any user intervention. Instead of being the user to meet the information, it is the information that, in an autonomous way, finds the user.

Business Monitoring

Monitoring business means systematically analyzing events supported in an organization's information system to present real-time information on all important activities to management. The indicators presented are used by the different operational and technical areas for a complete visibility, measurement and assurance about the key business activities. Being humanly impossible to be aware of everything that happens in your company, Multipeers allows you to set alarms that inform you whenever a situation demands your attention. Multipeers is a continuous measurement and analysis instrument that will help you to manage your business in an excellent way.

Interactive Dashboards

The information provided by Multipeers is consolidated in order to make your consultation easier and faster. You can choose to get the information through bar charts, multi-series charts, among many other options. The information can be displayed using the most appropriate presentation, improving the analysis that the user can make of each indicator. In addition, each indicator is fully customizable according to business needs. If you use the desktop, you can also use the ticker tool, which allows you to divulge external or internal news, messages and alerts, thus allowing all employees to be aware of what is happening in the organization.


Wherever you are, you will always have access to your company's indicators. You can check your business information on your smartphone or tablet at any time.

Configurable in minutes

Multipeers allows you to have a complete dashboard in a short time and set up a business alert in minutes and quickly distribute a new indicator to the entire organization. Configuring Multipeers is an intuitive task that does not require technical expertise.

Centralized management

Multipeers provides you with a solid management platform that collects data from a wide variety of sources and, being highly customizable, allows the distribution of processed information in a variety of ways, such as interactive graphics, widgets, meters, RSS tickers, among many others.

Multiple data sources

Multipeers interacts directly with all your data sources such as databases, web services, MDX, Microsoft Excel, RSS feeds, multimedia content, email, applications, among others. You can even build your own connectors using the supplied API and no information from your organization will be lost.

Return on Investment Guaranteed

Multipeers enables real-time monitoring of the company's objectives locally and globally, allowing management and operational teams to comply with their KPIs
Reduces operational costs and simplifies all processes
After implementation of Multipeers in different sectors, on average 70% of monthly and daily goals are met
Information on resource availability increases significantly, improving the ability to reorganize teams and minimize impacts

Multipeers running

Multipeers has over 100 customers, across 3 continents and has more than 2,500 active users. In all the projects in which we participated, we improved the performance of companies and contributed to a reduction of costs.
Our goal is to help our customers and growing, making them better able to make informed decisions. And so far we are satisfied with the results achieved!

Porto Municipality


Grupo Amorim


Trofa Municipality


Odd Consulting





Os maiores erros na definição de indicadores de negócio

The biggest mistakes in indicators definition

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Avoid the biggest mistakes in defining business metrics

Defining business indicators in a conscious way is fundamental to be able to analyze the business objectively. It’s essential that the indicators can show managers solutions in order to correct errors and implement new strategies. There is still much difficulty in defining indicators and in this article we present the biggest mistakes that happen when it comes time to decide what indicators we are going to analyze.

Wrong monitoring solutions

The team that has responsibility for choosing management software often has no enough knowledge of the real needs of the users of these tools. Therefore, the people who should choose the most appropriate software are the managers themselves because they are the ones who know in detail the problems they face daily. Increasingly, monitoring software is simple and intuitive, allowing anyone, even without technical knowledge, to understand how it works.

Using Excel as an indicator management platform

Excel is probably the most widely used tool in the world in business and it’s appreciated for presenting a simple interface to perform some much-used functions such as calculations and spreadsheets. However, Excel has weaknesses that reside in the quality and consistency of the information generated. Excel’s manual processes are very likely to fail. Therefore, it’s necessary to reduce the manual work done in Excel. Excel should be looked at as a data viewer and not as an information generator.

Look at database as the solution to all problems

Databases are a key part of many analytical systems, but shouldn’t be regarded as the solution to all information problems. Databases shouldn’t be deployed before analyzing in detail the actual needs of the organization. To avoid this error, it’s necessary to identify the best method of integration and to know the access to information.

Acquiring management products for general analysis

When the business has no specific objectives, any tool is useless because it will be useful only if you can analyze the business in an integrated way. Business monitoring software should be applied when the organization is aware of its real needs and when it knows which indicators should be analyzed to improve its performance.


Os maiores erros na definição de indicadores de negócio

Mobile Devices: Competitive Advantages for your Business

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Find the major advantages of mobile devices for your business

The trend is global: people are increasingly using mobile devices. Nowadays, we prefer to access Internet through these devices and its evolution allows us to access it from anywhere in the World. At a personal level, there is no doubts about the modifications and advantages of mobile devices, but in the company level we don’t have yet a clear vision about the impact of mobility. In this article, we present you some advantages of mobile devices for the business world.

New communication channels for services and products

Social networks have changed the way we view the world. If a few years ago they were only regarded as tools of leisure, nowadays social media are gaining a very growing importance in the business world. Companies increasingly choose to communicate through Facebook and Linkedin pages and profiles on Instagram because their potential customer are in these platforms. The current consumer lives online and thanks to the paid ads on these platforms, nowadays it’s possible to target very well the audience that we want to reach and reaches it in a relatively simple way.

External and internal communication easier

Through a mobile phone, you can respond to an email from a customer from anywhere in the world, without having to wait to get to the office. This facilitates communication and reduces the response time. Nowadays, it’s also possible to create and to edit documents on mobile devices, which makes work more efficient and with faster results. You can also participate in geographically distant meetings by accessing Skype on a mobile device, for example.

Ecommerce growth

It’s now possible to shop online from anywhere. Mobile devices have made e-commerce a more constant presence. Nowadays, the online stores already have the concern of creating a responsive website to all the screens of presentation. Many small businesses still choose to sell their products through profiles on Facebook and Instagram.

Greater freedom and greater productivity

With mobility, it’s possible for workers to work from anywhere and at any time, so that they aren’t limited and forced to work from the office. This makes the creativity and motivation increase and consequently you will feel a growth in productivity. Employees feel that there is less pressure and there is greater freedom, thus increasing their motivation and involvement with the company.

Mobility has changed the way we view the business world and the way we do our work. The advantages are immense, but we must not let ourselves be addicted to technology and we must have offline moments, in which we disconnect from the digital world!

Saiba como criar métricas relevantes para o seu negócio

Learn how to build relevant metrics for your business

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How to create metrics relevant to your business?

For a company to achieve success and positive results, it’s essential that the most important metrics that allow us to evaluate the profitability and productivity of the business are defined. Nowadays, with the possibility of having data in real time, it’s easier to have access to information. But do you know how to create relevant to your business? In this article, we leave you some tips!

Collect data: With solutions like Multipeers, you can aggregate all company data in one place, presenting them in a simple and appealing way. In this way, the time spent searching for the information is shorter and the decisions taken are more conscious and informed.

Make the data important: the data collected must have an objective, otherwise they lose all their importance. Thus, it’s fundamental that when we collect data we already know what we want to analyze with them.

Create your own definition of success: each department must clearly define where they reach the level of success, and they must be realistic because putting too unrealistic values ​​can increase the level of frustration. The metrics you analyze in each department must be in accordance with this definition of success.

Each business has its own particularities, but there are metrics that should always be analyzed as they give us a good insight into the current state of the business.

We highlight the conversion rate which is the accounting of how many conversions were made in relation to the total traffic that the company website had and the cost of acquisition of each customer that is the sum of the total spent on marketing and sales to be divided by the total number of customers.


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The Municipality of Porto is responsible for the administration of several areas of the city such as environment, citizenship, culture, tourism, education, employment and security, among others.

Customer Challenge

With the significant increase in services provided by the Municipality, the department directors have felt an increase in complexity in the management of their teams' activities and, consequently, it’s difficult to improve the quality of the services provided to the citizens. To achieve this, there was a need to collect information from departments and services in a flexible way to enable decision-makers to work effectively to improve the performance of their teams.
Aplicação do Multipeers na administração pública

Multipeers Approach

• Compile information in a timely way to alert users of relevant situations.
• Present business data in the form of graphic and provide easy-to-read indicators focused on customer services, management, human and financial resources.
• Distribute to each user only the information relevant to their activity.
• Implementation of Multipeers Mobile so that important information always reaches the right people, anytime and anywhere.

Results of using Multipeers

Through the use of Multipeers, it’s possible to monitor in real time all the information and it’s possible to alert the user to the most important situations, allowing managers to define solutions quickly and, consequently, improve the performance of their teams and customer satisfaction.
Thanks to Multipeers, the information in human resources area has improved and today the ability to reorganize teams is greater, contributing to minimize negative impacts. Faster analysis of revenue versus objectives allows better decisions and accelerates the achievement of the organization's goals.

The implementation of Multipeers was considered a great success by the Municipality of Porto, becoming a reference of day-to-day work. The use of the product has been broadened to make progressively more information available to users by helping them to make better decisions and focus on achieving well-known goals. It has also helped in communication within the organization, where any change or situation can now be reported easily and immediately.
The Municipality of Porto recognizes that Multipeers is a key element in its information systems and a clear factor of differentiation in its current strategy of success.


Odd Consulting is a Portuguese company that provides consulting services specialized in the pharmaceutical industry.

Customer Challenge

Pharmaceutical companies have to constantly adapt to change to stay competitive in the face of competition. To do this, they need to proactively manage large amounts of information from across the enterprise and turn them into useful, actionable and operational knowledge. By using this solution, the company aimed to control KPIs in real time, improve sales and inventory management, increase performance and improve communication.

Multipeers Approach

• Provide valuable visibility into a vast set of information that collects and simultaneously analyzes through multiple sources and presents it graphically clear and interactive;
• Put a powerful, collaborative and structured problem-solving tool at disposal of the company, which contributes to improve communication and optimize business processes;
• Allow real-time monitoring of KPIs, business organization processes, sales, stocks, campaigns and promotions so that decisions are the right ones;
• Enable the definition of alerts and notifications in real time based on the business events

Results of using Multipeers

Using Multipeers enabled customers of this company to dramatically reduce operating costs, simplifying processes across the enterprise. Likewise, thanks to the use of this solution, there has been a reduction of risks to the business due to erroneous stock monitoring, product expiration dates and it’s now possible to identify obsolete products in real time. Similarly, because of Multipeers' performance, it’s possible to identify products that were on the shelves over a set period of time, allowing managers to take action, thereby increasing sales by 15%. The use of Multipeers allowed to optimize in 60% the order through its correct allocation in the stores. This solution also helped employees to monitor in real time their own sales performance, contributing to a more than 60% increase in the fulfillment of defined KPI's. Finally, Multipeers allowed better decisions in a fast way, reducing the time of the monitor-analyze-act cycle by 40%.

In today's highly competitive business environment, real-time visibility into the state of the organization is critical. This information is crucial to the success or failure of the business. Multipeers enables organizations to make the best use of their vast amount of data, streamlining KPI's quickly and easily to make better decisions every day to operate more efficiently, which in turn it helps to reduce costs, minimize risks and increase profit margins. With Multipeers, pharmacies now have a real competitive advantage over their competitors.


Portuguese retailer that currently has 170 stores in 19 markets - including France, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Angola and Mozambique - and in four of these markets - France, Spain, Portugal and Poland - has been making a strong direct investment.

Caso de sucesso na área do retalho

Customer Challenge

In today's rapidly evolving marketplace, customers are constantly demanding more value, seeking unique services, and requiring a more authentic relationship with the store's business and employees. The volume and diversity of business information continues to increase, making business behavior analysis a constant challenge for retailers around the world. Having real-time information is vital for the development of a successful retail brand and for making strategic decisions.
This brand is geographically dispersed and faces the challenge of staff mobility, making it very difficult to implement an effective internal communication strategy. E-mail and the intranet, the classic tools used by businesses, have proven not to be able to ensure that effectively everyone gets the information in a timely manner. Therefore, the company felt the need to use a more qualified product to ensure a more efficient information and communication management.

Caso de sucesso na área do retalho

Multipeers Approach

• Bring useful, real-time information to users
• Useful and up-to-date information sent to the store POS
• Universal availability of information
• Excellent visibility of operational performance
• Real-time business alerts

Results of using Multipeers

Multipeers enables real-time monitoring of sales targets at the store, regional and global levels, allowing sales and management teams to be effective and meet their KPIs. At the marketing level, it’s possible to prepare a complete campaign in less than a day. Before implementing Multipeers in its management, the company took more than a week to gather information and prepare the campaign. With Multipeers, the sales team can now provide more accurate and timely responses to customer inquiries about stock and items availability. After 8 months of using Multipeers, 70% of stores meet their daily goals and monthly sales targets.

Multipeers4Fleets present at the 3rd National Transport Showy

Multipeers4Fleets, represented by our partner Alberto Neves Consultores, participated in the III National Transport Show organized by ANTRAM, on 1, 2 and 3 June. This annual event is dedicated to the road freight sector, which brings together drivers, entrepreneurs, suppliers and customers. It's a privileged place to announce the most recent innovations in the industry, be it products or services.

Multipeers4Fleets is an innovative product specifically developed for the freight sector that comes in response to recurring complaints of a lack of up-to-date management information in a real-time business.

Multipeers4Fleets starts to be commercialized in Brazil

KAL TI, a partner company of IT PEERS, made its first sale of Multipeers4Fleets in Brazil, a country that has about 1.5 million trucks. This is therefore an extremely attractive market for Multipeers4Fleets.

KAL IT is a consulting company that operates in several market segments, with the transport sector being one of the strongest in the company, which gives it a high degree of knowledge of the specifics of the sector. "KAL TI is a fundamental Partner for us, since it is widely involved in projects in the area of ​​security, logistics and the transportation sector," says Jorge Santos Silva, Latin America Business Director.

"Multipeers will serve as a super-platform to control in an easy and intuitive way the more complex indicators resulting from the fleet operation of our new Customer" adds Henrique Carrola, Multipeers Sales Specialist of IT PEERS.

CIMLT selects Multipeers to monitor its activity

CIMLT - Comunidade Intermunicipal da Lezíria do Tejo - is in the process of implementing Multipeers, for its use and its 11 Associated Municipalities. At the moment, indicators of high relevance are being developed for the daily work of the Presidency, Council, directors and key employees. At the end of the Multipeers implementation, each municipality will have unified and real-time access to critical information on the multiple operations that occur in the various work areas.

"Multipeers is a very important tool for us because it will facilitate communication and the decision-making process in all Municipalities. We believe that when its implementation is completed it will be much simpler to obtain information about the state of any area of activity of each City Hall and, given that we’ll have total visibility over our entire activity, we are convinced that we’ll obtain significant gains of productivity and that we’ll be able to reduce costs in several areas, "says António Torres, CIMLT's First Secretary.

Multipeers provides more than three hundred indicators of all the operational areas of a Municipality, such as financial, supervision, citizen service, document management, works, queues, among others, in direct connection to the ERP as well as to other solutions present in Municipal Information Systems. This information is parameterized for each employee and allows their decisions to be made in a timely manner and based on information that is always in front of them, either on the desktop or on the mobile device.

October 2017

Transmaia chooses Multipeers4Fleets to control its fleet in real time

Transmaia - Transportes Lda is a family-owned company of Trofa, founded on May 27, 1982. It is originated from the company Adriano Sousa Maia & Filhos Lda, founded by the father of the current partners in the 40's. Since its beginning, the company have a sustained growth, based on a strategic vision of the business and betting on the diversity of transport services provided in the National and International market.

Always following the trends and demands of the market, Transmaia felt the need for greater monitoring of fleet operations and its choice was Multipeers4Fleets.

"After studying the options available in the market, we concluded that Multipeers4Fleets is the most complete solution. We are convinced that its implementation will help us detect and solve problems with our vehicles, as well as reduce operating costs. The possibility of analyzing the business in real time will change, for the better, our entire performance, "says Pedro Maia, director of Transmaia.

Multipeers4Fleets is in the process of being implemented at the moment and once it is completed, it will be possible to analyze in real time the status of each vehicle in the fleet, as well as to cross-reference information from a variety of data sources.

August 2017

TJA chooses Multipeers4Fleets to monitor the state of its fleet

TJA is a transportation company that started its activity in 1947, when João Pinto do Amaral acquired its first van, thus starting the activity in the road haulage sector. TJA - Transportes J. Amaral, SA., is today a reference company in the sector with one of the largest fleets operating in Portugal.

The company has grown over the years in a sustained way and the monitoring of the new requirements of the market triggered the need to implement a business monitoring system, so Multipeers4Fleets was TJA's choice.

"We believe that Multipeers4Fleets will bring a number of benefits to TJA, particularly in terms of reducing operating costs and quickly detecting and solving problems with fleet management. Our choice fell on this solution as we realized that it is quite complete and will allow us to follow the business in its entirety, providing concrete benefits that will translate into improvements in our efficiency, profitability and service level to our customers, "said João Manuel Amaral, Director General of TJA.

At this moment, the implementation of Multipeers4Fleets in TJA, in close collaboration with AN Consultores, is in its final phase and when it is finished it will be possible to analyze, at any moment, the status of each vehicle of the fleet through the connection to the telemetry systems, as well as monitoring various company indicators on different business areas.

"The choice of TJA as a pilot company for Multipeers4Fleets was a natural process for us, as it is a leading company in its sector with a high technological development and that bets on innovation as a motor of development. In addition, the excellent human capital that it has, the high professionalism, know-how and organization of its employees, have made TJA the ideal partner for the finalization of this new product specifically for the transport sector ", completes Jorge Duarte, CEO of IT PEERS.

Multipeers has two new partners in Brazil

Multipeers has seen its partner network grow in Brazil. Kal TI and Meridian are two renowned Brazilian companies that are now part of the Multipeers Partner network.
KAL TI is a company specialized in creating solutions that optimize complex processes of management, migration, database modernization, Big Data, multisystem and multiplatform data integration and synchronization (360 degree view), data monetization, business intelligence, data warehousing and migration of systems to the cloud.
"By adding this solution to our portfolio we are able to meet today's and new customers that need immediate answers for quick decision-making. With Multipeers we have an innovative BAM solution that will leave us closer to our customers", says Fábio Nascimento, CEO of KAL TI.
Meridian is a São Paulo based company that has been operating in the Brazilian market since 1995 with the mission of contributing with its know-how to improve the day-to-day business of the different sectors, offering innovative solutions for document management, bringing gains in productivity and profitability.
"We are honored to become Multipeers business partners. We believe that the high technology products provided by IT PEERS will complement our portfolio of products and solutions, and in this way we will be able to more fully and comprehensively serve the Brazilian market, "says Ivam Duarte, Business Director of Meridian.

May 2017

Multipeers4Fleets_gestão de frotas

Multipeers4Fleets featured in the Pós-Venda Pesados Magazine

"Multi-source information aggregation solution": this is how Pós-Venda Pesados Magazine defines Multipeers4Fleets. After attending the Suplly Chain Meeting event, the product caught the attention of transport companies and journalists. It was featured in the latest issue of the this publication. The publication states, among other things, that Multipeers4Fleets "brings to the transport sector a solution that aggregates information of the vehicles with another one of financial scope, so that you can see, in a single point, the impact of the costs with the fleet in the company ".

You can see full publication here: https://goo.gl/z6sZCx

Multipeers presented at Supply Chain Meeting

Multipeers4Fleets was presented at the Supply Chain Meeting, an event that took place on April 4 and 5 in Vila Franca de Xira, a city next to Lisbon. The Supply Chain Meeting is an event organized by the Logística Moderna Magazine and focuses on Logistics and Transportation. The objective of the 8th edition of the event that is being held as "the largest Logistics Conference in Portugal", is to facilitate relations between companies operating in these sectors.
Multipeers4Fleets, a product that results a partnership between IT PEERS and Alberto Neves Consultores, was a success among those who passed through our stand. Multipeers4Fleets is a Business Activity Monitoring tool that allows you to add all the information about the business status (financial and management indicators) and the state of each vehicle in the fleet (level of consumption, stopping periods, among others) in one place (Desktop and Mobile). One of the most acclaimed features of Multipeers4Fleets is the ability to set alerts that inform you whenever a situation requires your attention.
This event was very important for Multipeers4Fleets because it allowed to present the brand, to establish contacts, to find synergies with other companies of the sector and to work in business opportunities.

April 2017

Multipeers4Fleets presented at Supply Chain Meeting

Multipeers4Fleets will be presented at the Supply Chain Meeting, an event held by the Modern Logistics Magazine. The event takes place at the Pavilhão Multiusos de Vila Franca de Xira, on April 4 and 5. IT PEERS, together with AN Consultores, will be present at this event taking as its motto to the official public presentation of Multipeers4Fleets, a product of fleet management that allows real-time analysis of the state of the business.

You can register for the event free of charge until March 24th.

We wait for you next to the Networking area! Get to know Multipeers4Fleets in operation and give your business a new life!

March 2017

Multipeers introduces a new functionality

The Multipeers team is constantly working to make the product better and more complete, in order to respond to all the needs presented by our customers. After an exhaustive study, we are pleased to announce a new and important Multipeers functionality: from now on, it will possible to build metrics and alerts with calculated and cross-data from different sources.
Multipeers has already made it possible to gather the data coming from the most diverse systems in one place. However, data interconnection wasn’t possible. With the addition of this new functionality, you can collect data from different sources and then, on them, perform calculations and supplement information.

January 2017