Softwares de gestão de pessoas: 5 soluções para a sua empresa

Software for people management: 5 solutions for your company

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In such a connected world, where information flows so fast, whoever does not invest in technology to automate and streamline processes within the company lags behind. Nowadays there are several technological solutions for various areas of business administration. In this text we will show you the top five solutions in people management software for you to adopt today.

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1- Recruitment and Selection Software

The system of recruitment and selection of people management is historically marked as a long and bureaucratic process. However, nowadays, companies tend to have a very high turnover of employees and therefore cannot wait months between the departure of one professional and the entry of another to replace it. To circumvent this bureaucracy, there are people management software that already do this process simply and quickly. These software automate the whole process of recruitment and selection: from job posting to online interviews and issuing notices and notifications to those selected. This type of tool is suitable for all companies wishing to expedite the recruitment and selection process.

2- Web point

It was the time of the registration of the point of worksheet or spreadsheets, nowadays it is much easier to manage the hours of work of its employees through an electronic point software online. These tools help HR managers from control of input and output of employees to other issues such as time banks and vacation, generating important indicators for people management. In addition, they don’t demand the costs that the installation of a physical point requires, being the perfect choice for companies that cannot spend much, but want to modernize the form of registration of the point of the collaborators. And the best thing is that these solutions are within the labor laws of each country.

3- Remote Work Solutions

Remote work is an increasingly present situation in companies, and can help in matters of quality of life, productivity and organizational climate. But for this it is necessary to adopt a tool that enables this remote work, which has some functionalities, such as: possibility of distance communication, file sharing, assignment of tasks, online agenda and much more. Adopting a specific software for the home office is safer and contributes to the non-fragmentation of information. In addition, these software allow managers and HR professionals to verify the activities performed, even at a distance.

4- Time recording tool

Timekeeping software allows employees to record the hours worked according to the tasks performed, indicating the time they spent on each one. This tool helps HR to make cost sharing between the different projects that the employee executes and to measure what takes more time of his day.

5- EAD platform for training employees

Employee training and development (T & D) is one of the key demands of a people management industry. T & D practices are responsible for effectively providing employee development and helping them to achieve their strategic objectives and, consequently, their vision for the future. However, many companies find it difficult to make training and development happen because it involves reconciling the time of T & D employees, managers, and trainers, or even having the logistics of moving people to a specific place to do so. And some softwares can help with this, such as: distance learning (EAD) platforms for training and employee development. With them it is possible to host content in the online platform, so employees can access at any time or place. These platforms can also issue complete reports on employee performance, helping the people management area to measure whether training is being done and whether it is working. And the best thing is that all these solutions can be found in the cloud, making the information security of your company easier!

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The Importance of 360 Vision for Your Business

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A good manager should know everything that goes on in your business. Having a global knowledge of each of the areas of activity of a company is essential so that the best decisions can be made for the future of the business. In the hectic day-to-day business that management leads, it’s not always easy to keep up with all the business activities, but this lack of knowledge can be fatal to the company. Having a 360 vision is imperative to know all the employees with whom you work and all the activities that are carried out in the company. In today’s article, we address the importance of 360 vision for your business!

Better knowledge of Human Resources

When there is a great deal of knowledge about all the company’s employees, it is easier to keep employees motivated and retain the best talent in the company. It is essential that managers know the needs and motivations of their employees, since only then will they be able to offer them the necessary conditions to make them feel good in their place of work.

Real-time analysis

Business life happens now, every moment, and it is essential that you know what is going on with your business. Decisions based on a few days’ reporting are always reactive and risk being overtaken by faster competition to act. Knowing everything that goes on in real time with your business is essential so that you can make timely decisions and have a proactive stance in the market.

Easier decision making

When there is effective knowledge about everything that goes on in the business, it becomes much easier to make the right decisions for the company. Only with an overall knowledge of the state of the company is that managers are able to consciously decide so that the company can grow in a sustained manner.

Continuous improvement

A 360 view allows you to search for constant improvements. Constantly analyzing everything that goes on in the company allows mistakes to be found more easily and improvements are made in business processes and these improvements will be reflected in the company’s overall results.

Extra tip:

BAM tools like Multipeers make decision making more effective because they prevent errors from occurring since they eliminate the need to collect data from many platforms. Because they have a simple and interactive interface, all information is presented in a practical and interactive way, providing all the information in one place, giving the manager all the data he needs to make the right decisions.

Os melhores KPI's de recursos humanos que a sua empresa pode ter

The best human resource KPIs your business can have

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Without people, companies are nothing, and the internal public is one of the most important in organizations, since it is this that makes companies grow and evolve. People Analytics is the process of collecting, organizing and analyzing employee behavior data in order to contribute to decisions made in the company, anticipating trends and adjusting strategies. This term is increasingly important to companies and is expected to grow in importance over the next few years, which means that more and more data on employees exists and there is a need to do something useful with that data. KPIs help us work on information and gain insights for decision making. In today’s article, we present the best human resource KPIs your business can have!

Employee turnover rate

It indicates the number of employees who leave and enter the company, during a certain period. For the company, this index should be as low as possible because it means there is retention of talent. A high index may indicate a low attractiveness of the company in relation to the competition.


Absenteeism measures employee absence rates and indicates the actual reasons for absences or delays. Absenteeism may be linked to poor working conditions, such as ergonomics in the company or bad environment in the team.

Turnover Costs

In order to calculate this indicator, it’s necessary to include all the expenses with the payment of the contractual terminations and to add all legal and procedural costs. It is also necessary to add the expenses with the replacement of the professional who left, besides the investment in training.

Ratio between extra hours and worked hours

This indicator is linked to the concept of productivity and demonstrates the relationship between the amount of overtime (paid or accumulated in the time bank) and total hours worked. It’s an important indicator for analysing the overload, operational capacity and labor allocation.

Employee satisfaction index

This index is calculated by collecting opinions from employees, who can respond to surveys where they show their satisfaction on a numerical scale. The higher this level, the better the human resources area will be and the greater the motivation of employees to work.

Average cost by employee

This indicator shows us how much it costs, on average, each employee of the company. It is obtained after adding all personnel expenses (salary, food allowance, holiday and Christmas allowances, contributions to the State, among other expenses) and divided by the total number of employees of the company.

As principais implicações do RGPD na gestão de recursos humanos

The main implications of GDPR on human resources management

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will enter into force on May 25. In addition to bringing significant changes in the marketing area, it will also have a strong impact on human resource management. In order to avoid the large fines that non-compliance with the RGPD entails, companies need to introduce important changes in the process of personal data in a labor context. In today’s article, we address the key implications of GDPR in human resource management!

Necessary consent of the candidates for the processing of the data

If the tacit consent of the candidates was sufficient to enable the company to process their personal data, now companies need to obtain the explicit consent of the candidates for the processing of their data. Applicants who are not recruited must also give their consent for the processing of their personal data in future recruitment processes.

Updating database curricula

A written communication must be sent to the candidate in such a way that the candidate expresses his written consent to the retention of his data in the database. At this moment there should also be confirmation that the data is up to date and if not, the candidate should update them. If the candidate doesn’t respond to this communication, the company must delete the curriculum at the end of the established deadline.

Spontaneous applications

The human resources management area should create a procedure for obtaining consent from candidates submitting spontaneous applications where they accept the treatment and retention of their curricula. Here, the purpose of the data processing and the time frame in which the curriculum will be kept in the company database must also be indicated.

Company contact

Active recruitment can only be done with individuals who make their contacts available on platforms dedicated to the world of work, such as Linkedin. In this case, there is the will of the candidate to be contacted by companies. However, after the first contact, there must be an explicit consent from the applicant to the continuation of the processing of his/her personal data.

Preservation of personal data in the company database

The new regulation obliges companies to keep only the data that is up to date. In addition, there is a principle of minimization in the law that says that the data can only be kept by the company during the period strictly necessary. Thus, when a particular recruitment process is complete, human resources management must have a procedure to eliminate curricula and all the complementary documents collected during the process. The new law states that curricula will remain updated during a year and after this deadline the documentation must be deleted or there must be a written communication for the applicant to confirm or update their data.

Practical tips for optimizing your business management

Practical tips for optimizing your business management

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Managing a business is never an easy task. There is a lot of data involved, a lot of decisions to make, and a lot of human resources to deal with. Optimized management is a guarantee that the business will remain sustainable, so it is very important to know how to manage all the resources of a company. In today’s article, we’ll leave you some practical tips to optimize the management of your business!

Invest in internal communication

Internal communication is often neglected, but it is one of the most important areas in a company because it deals with the main public of an organization: its human resources. It is important that there is fluidity in the transmission of messages, as well as transparency in the work environment. It is essential to implement business management channels and/or applications that facilitate communication between the various departments.

Use an ERP

ERP management systems are used to improve the management of business resources and relate the data and processes in one place. Through the use of tools of this type, it is possible to integrate all sectors of the company so that the decision making is easier and more objective. The use of an ERP also allows the reduction of non-strategic costs and the creation of a greater competitive advantage.

Track KPIs in real time

Key performance indicators are very important for more assertive and thoughtful decision-making. They work like a thermometer that tell us the degree of results obtained in certain areas. Through BAM software such as Multipeers, you can analyze KPI compliance in real time. The life of your business happens now, so it is imperative to follow, every second, what goes on with your company! Only in this way you will be able to be one step ahead of the competition.

Get to know the market and your customers well

It sounds like a very basic tip and that everyone knows, but the truth is that it is here where many companies fail. It is crucial that companies are well aware of the market they are in, so they will not be surprised by unexpected fluctuations. Likewise, it is imperative that companies know well what the public is communicating and that they know the specifics of their target audience. Only in this way can you create a message that meets the needs of the target.

Set realistic goals

If a company doesn’t know where it wants to go, any way is good. The establishment of realistic objectives is the guiding line of the company and is the map that will guide all the work of the collaborators. For an objective to be positive for the company, it must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and challenging.

7 Erros financeiros que prejudicam a sua empresa

7 Financial Mistakes That Harm Your Business

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To err is human and it is very likely that a manager, throughout his career, make some mistakes. However, there are financial mistakes that can be very detrimental to running a business and can even lead a business to failure. In today’s article we address the 7 financial mistakes that hurt your business!

Lack of constant analysis

It is essential these days to continuously analyze your business, because only then can you find problems before they materialize. Managers can no longer survive just with Excel sheets and reports with a few days. It is essential that the business is analyzed at the minute, because only in this way will be able to be always ahead of the competition. Business monitoring software like Multipeers is a growing need in today’s business because it allows you to analyze in a simple way everything that is happening now with your business.

Spend what you (still) don’t have

Hiring a debt with money that has not yet gone into the box is a very common mistake and should be avoided to the fullest. There is no guarantee that the customer will not be late in paying or if an unforeseen event will happen and you will need to invest in something more urgent.

Do not make a balance sheet

As companies grow, various investments are made and the company’s assets are growing over time. However, there is often no concern about knowing what one possesses at a given moment, eventually continuing to invest in disorderly ways. Having knowledge of the balance sheet helps the company whether it needs to continue to invest or whether, on the contrary, it should reduce its investments.

Lack of automation

Performing tasks manually that could be automated is a very common mistake. Using an ERP helps you optimize all processes, reducing costs and increasing productivity by reducing human error. The information of a company must be integrated, so that all the data is updated so that it is easier to make decisions.

Do not have KPIs

The financial area is one of the most relevant in any business and the use of indicators becomes essential. Using business metrics enables you to measure the outcome and verify that the stated goals are being met. Working without indicators is like being lost in a complex labyrinth without a map to guide you.

Mixing personal expenses with company expenses

It is a very common mistake among business owners, who usually use the company account to pay for personal expenses. This mistake is very detrimental to business as it completely changes the fixed costs of the organization and distorts its financial reality.

Focus only on sales

Sales are the ultimate goal of every business, but if you don’t pay attention to the other areas of the business, you may compromise your entire business. Administrative and human resource management are examples of areas that deserve to be treated with care. Good management of all departments of a company will reflect the financial results in the medium and long term.