7 Filmes obrigatórios para todos os empreendedores

7 Movies required for all entrepreneurs

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Being an entrepreneur is a challenge and not everyone is born with that capacity. But the good news is that you can perfect your skills over time and in the most diverse situations. One of the best forms of learning is through concrete cases, such as those shown to us in the movies. The seventh art has many inspiring films for entrepreneurs from all areas and we have selected in this article the 7 films required for all entrepreneurs!

The Wolf of Wall Street

This film starring Leonardo Dicaprio tells the story of an entrepreneur and stockbroker who can achieve a successful business. The problem is that you can achieve glory through fraudulent schemes and corruption crimes. The main character had impressive talent as a salesperson and had an innate ability to lead a company, managing to bring enthusiasm and motivation to all of his employees.

The social network

We could not fail to mention the film that tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our century and the person in charge of creating the social network Facebook. This film tells us in detail how Facebook came about: a simple idea that emerged in college became the most famous social network in the world. This movie also shows us that sometimes to achieve success one must compromise personal relationships.

The Dead Poets Society

The film starring Robin Williams tells the story of a teacher who started teaching at the Welton Academy in 1959. Being such a conservative institution, the teacher would make a difference by teaching his students to think differently, instilling in them a spirit of innovation, one of the most appreciated values ​​in the world of entrepreneurship today.

The Man Who Changed the Game

“The Man Who Changed the Game” is a film based on the true story of Billy Beane, adapted from Michael Lewis’s book. The author reports how Beane managed to take the modest Oakland Athletics team to an elite team of American baseball. This film teaches us how to correct employees and maximize their individual capabilities. Knowing how to ask the right questions and motivating employees to do their best is a characteristic that all entrepreneurs must have.

The Imitation Game

This is a movie based on real facts that tells us the story Alan Turing, a mathematician with an above average intelligence, who is quite antisocial. The film takes place during World War II. At the time, the British government hired a team that aimed to decode a famous code used by the Germans to convey their messages of war. The film shows us that working as a team is fundamental and not giving up in the face of adversity is the most important messages that you must convey to your employees as responsible for management and leadership. The film also shows us the importance of using data processing systems.


All of Rocky’s films, starring Sylvester Stalone, show us a motivational speech with the ability to make us start working immediately on all our plans and accomplish everything we always dream about. Rocky has incredible leadership skills and all human resource managers should be a bit like him! This film is also essential for the management of human resources because it shows us the difficulties that we are encountering along the way until we reach success. The main lesson is that despite the difficulties that are appearing, we must be able to stay strong to continue fighting!

The devil Wears Prada

In this film, Runway Magazine is directed by the hand of Miranda Priestley – the most powerful woman in the fashion world. “Runway” is a daunting challenge for anyone who wants to get into this industry. To make “Runway” the New York Bible and even the World, Miranda saves nothing or anyone and it is difficult for someone to survive your hands! Thus, the task as assistant to Miranda could open the doors to the newly formed Andy Sachs. Although Andy is the wrong person for the job, because he knows nothing about brands or the fashion world, when he proposes to take that job he will demonstrate something that others do not have: he has determination and refusal to fail!


The world of cinema helps us to “travel” to other worlds and at the same time teaches us many things about life and the world of work. If you know other inspiring films for entrepreneurs, share them with us in the comments!

5 Mitos sobre a transformação digital que precisa de eliminar agora mesmo

5 Myths about digital transformation you need to eliminate right now

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Digital transformation can mean profound changes in an organization. When applied correctly, it can bring huge benefits to the company and result in increased profits and reduced expenses. Digital transformation is a process that must be well analyzed before its implementation, because a wrong decision when applying this concept can seriously damage the company. Digital transformation is surrounded by myths, that is, preconceived ideas that make businessmen look suspiciously and fearfully at this wave of change. In today’s article, we present some of the advantages of digital transformation and 5 myths that you need to eliminate right now!

Main advantages

Increased competitiveness

Digital transformation makes processes more fluid and managing all departments of the company becomes an easier and more intuitive task. The definition, implementation and improvement of business processes for a more practical and facilitative approach is the goal of adopting new technologies in business.

Improved customer satisfaction

Technology enables customers to become closer to brands and establish a stronger loyalty relationship. With the use of social media, nowadays it is possible to make a presence in the daily life of potential clients through sharing and special offers. Companies are also adopting the sending of special offers by SMS and e-mail, which makes the customer feel special.

Opportunity to innovate

When companies implement digital transformation in their business, they are able to include improvements in their processes, thus promoting innovation. They also have greater scope to innovate their products and services because the inclusion of new technologies allows them to include significant improvements in their offer.

Reduction of costs

The main concern of managers is always to find ways to reduce business costs. Digital transformation, particularly in the use of cloud services, enables companies to significantly reduce their operating costs. Using this technology allows you to reduce or even eliminate your local IT infrastructure, reduce the volume of impressions and hold meetings via Skype, eliminating long travel expenses.

Demystifying preconceived ideas…

Myth 1: Digital transformation is a unique function of IT

The modernization of how technology is applied in the enterprise is a responsibility of all sectors and not just the IT sector. This process of transformation must begin at the top of the organization, which defines the strategy to be adopted by top managers. It is necessary that the example comes from the superior management so that later the changes apply in the other areas. All areas are affected by digital transformation, as sales, marketing, production and many other activities are “victims” of the change that this transformation brings. The IT department is important in this process, as it should support all areas.

Myth 2: Digital transformation only applies to large companies

Transforming the business, the processes, the approach and the relationships so that they evolve is already indispensable for the success of the companies. Small businesses are not left out of this new paradigm. Well-implemented digital transformation can help small businesses grow significantly as it improves processes and reduces costs. This cost savings can then be applied to investments that make the company evolve faster.

Myth 3: Digital transformation is the best way for all companies

When a concept is in vogue, one easily falls into the mistake of thinking that since it is fashionable it is suitable for everyone. However, digital transformation is a complex process that goes far beyond simply updating software. This new way of working is not a standard recipe that can be followed by all companies and therefore it is fundamental to evaluate the impacts that this transformation will have for the business, evaluating risks and expenses.

Myth 4: Digital transformation will reduce many jobs

Unfortunately, this is one of the most common myths with regard to technology. There are still many people who think that the evolution of technology will transform the World in a place populated by robots that will perform our functions. Nothing is more wrong than this thought. Although digital transformation uses artificial intelligence, there must be human resources capable of dealing with this intelligence and adapting it to the true reality of the company. Digital transformation aims to reduce monotonous work, fine-tune processes, and improve company results. Human interaction in companies is absolutely imperative, so it is completely unfounded to think that people will be discarded at the end of their implementation.

Myth 5: Digital transformation ends at the moment of its implementation

Implementation is just the beginning of a journey through the digital world. Digital transformation must be seen as a continuous process, since it is necessary to constantly evaluate the reality of the company and the business scenarios that exist at each moment. Only in this way can you find the right tools to improve business processes.

Digital transformation in business is increasingly a necessity and is no longer seen as just a fad. Nowadays, a company that doesn’t exist online is almost as if it did not exist and is easily surpassed by the competition. Digital technologies have redefined the way companies do business, changed how we relate to customers and how we communicate. Forrester research reveals that big business owners expect 47% of total sales to be influenced by digital media by 2020. It’s time to turn your business! Are you prepared for this transformation?

Big Data Analytics: tudo o que precisa de saber sobre este conceito

Big Data Analytics: Everything you need to know about this concept

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Big Data is a term increasingly used in companies around the world and is nothing more than the constant search for the improvement of business processes and the acquisition of important insights about market trends and consumer behavior. When a company is able to gain valuable insight into the environment in which it operates, it becomes much easier to make good decisions for the future of the business. In today’s article we talk about Big Data Analytics!


Big Data is the term that describes the immeasurable volume of data (structured or otherwise) that has a daily business impact. More important than the amount of data, is what companies can effectively do with this data. Big Data is associated with 3 V’s: data volume, data variety, and data speed. Big Data relates to huge amounts of data produced by human interaction with technology, plus the information that is generated by communication between machines. The variety of data relates to the multiple sources of information that companies deal with daily (posts on social networks, financial information, marketing information, among many others). The speed with which data is produced is increasing and companies need to use tools such as Multipeers that allow them to analyze in real time what is going on in the business.

Big Data Types

Structured data vs. unstructured data: the former can be used in their original format and are usually organized in rows and columns, as in an Excel sheet. An example of structured data is the financial information of a company organized in an Excel table. Unstructured data doesn’t follow any rules or have a defined structure and images and publications on social networks are good examples of unstructured data.

Advantages of Big Data Analytics

Analyze the business in real time

Information is growing at a very fast pace, which makes its analysis increasingly difficult. The solution is to analyze the data in real time to get the most out of the information. Products like Multipeers allow you to analyze every second what is going on with the business. In this way, you can make the most of the data to make the best decisions for the business. Allying the large amount of data generated in companies to a real-time analysis allows you to gain essential insights for business success.

Better data collection

The data come from the most diverse channels and through Big Data it is possible to centralize them and group them by affinities. It is possible to be closer to the customer through the collection of data through questionnaires, applications, loyalty cards, among other instruments. The data collected is essential for assertive planning of marketing and communication actions.

Greater effectiveness of the business

More than knowing the market, companies are able, through Big Data, to use the data to change the business and increase the return on investment. Using analytical expertise allows companies to create new business indicators and analyze them more comprehensively and objectively. In this way, they will achieve better levels of income that will be reflected in the success of the business.

Tipos de análise para conhecer melhor a concorrência

Types of analysis to better know the competition

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We live in a very competitive world and the area of ​​business doesn’t escape this rule. Thus, it is essential that companies know their competition well, in order to know which tools to use and which strategies to take to win in the market. The social media have facilitated the monitoring of our competition, because it is very easy to know in which products or services are betting and what the reactions of the consumers to these same products and services, for example. In today’s article, we talked about the types of analysis to better understand the competition!

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analytics is an advanced form of Data Analytics that aims to answer the question “what will happen?”. It is a type of analysis that makes predictions through probabilities. This analysis is possible thanks to techniques like regression and progression analysis, pattern matching and various types of statistics. This type of Data Analytics is widely used in stock market and investment companies. It is a very important type of analysis because it allows us to understand the performance of companies in the markets and to anticipate problems and trends.

Diagnostic analysis

Diagnostic analysis will explain us why something happened. This type of analysis will relate all available data and information to find patterns of behavior that may explain the results. It is an important analysis to find problems and above all to avoid repeating them in the future. It allows us to relate our performance to the performance of our competition, which makes it possible to find improvement points and minimize harmful actions for the company image.

Google Alerts

This is a very simple and very easy to tool. If you want to be alerted every time your competition is cited in the Web world, simply monitor the keywords related to the competition. You can always know in which areas your competitors are highlighting and this could be a great way to discover market trends!

Competitive Benchmarking

Benchmarking is an instrument that aims to improve performance in order to position itself ahead of the competition. The process is based on learning from the best experiences of companies operating in the same industry: it is called “learning from the best”. Competitive benchmarking aims to analyze direct competition and focuses on the comparison of products and services, methods, strategies and campaigns used. The objective is to overcome the good performance of the competition by improving the methods used by it.


This tool allows you to follow everything that goes on in blogs, videos and social networks. When searching for a term, be it a keyword or the name of a company, the tool shows you everything that’s being said about that term in blogs and social platforms. Its use is very similar to Google Alerts, but in addition to publishing on websites, it also shows us sharing on social networks and on video platforms, thereby increasing its breadth.

Marketing digital: como monitorizar as redes sociais da sua empresa em tempo real

Digital marketing: how to monitor your company’s social media in real time

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Business is happening at a very fast pace today, which forces managers to monitor in real time everything that happens in companies. Nowadays, it is no longer advisable to only analyse reports with a few days: the market demands that you be always aware of what happens in your business. In addition, the increasing dependence of the human being on social networks dictates how companies must follow everything that goes on in their social media profiles. Thus, it is essential to always be aware of what happens in the digital world so that you can take advantage of all the emerging business opportunities. In today’s article, we cover the key ways to monitor your company’s social media in real time.


This tool was created in 2010 to schedule tweets. However, the success was so great that it started to make the scheduling of publications available to other social networks. In addition to publishing schedules, this tool also allows you to create reports on each publication.


Hootsuite also allows scheduling of publications and gives us a real perspective on the positioning of the brand in each social network. Hootsuite lets you know in real time what is said about a brand and also allows you to create alerts that let you know when someone mentions your brand.


Tool that analyses the behaviour of the visitors in their profiles in the most diverse social networks. This tool makes it possible to check the statistics of clicks, downloads, backlinks and comments quite easily and in real time.


Multipeers is a business monitoring system that allows you to analyse what is happening in the company. It is a BAM system that gives us information about the state of each department, as it condenses information from the various data sources into a single platform. In this way, it is easier for managers to know what goes on in each department, improving communication among all and allowing improvements and corrections to be applied. In addition, it is also possible to connect the tool to various social media profiles and be alerted whenever there is activity in the profiles of your brand.

Why should I monitor what happens on social networks in real time?

  • Identifying business opportunities: By monitoring real-time social networks you can identify opportunities right when they appear, allowing you to stay one step ahead of your competition. A fluctuation in demand for a product, for example, could lead you to launch a specific campaign, increasing sales and improving company results.

  • Possibility of Alerts: Business monitoring software such as Multipeers allows you to set up business alerts whenever there is a deviation from what is considered normal within your company. Wherever you are, you will be notified by SMS or email about any changes and you can act immediately, even before there is damage to the organization.

  • Better decisions: When you know exactly what your audience thinks about you and what they need, it’s much easier to make the right decision. Analysing what they say about you in real time will give you all the inputs you need so that you can consciously decide on the best course to take. The reports with a few days present outdated information, which doesn’t correspond to the actual state of the company at that time. Therefore, often the decisions made are mismatched and don’t benefit the business.

10 KPI'S de marketing para todas as empresas

10 marketing KPI’s for all companies

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Having defined KPIs is essential to the good performance of a company. KPIs are key performance indicators that tell us what state the business is in and how far (or near) we are from meeting the stated goals. Based on the indicators and the company’s performance, managers can make informed decisions. BAM tools such as Multipeers allow you to track KPIs continuously and in real time. Analyzing performance consistently ensures that more attention is paid to meeting the objectives, effectively increasing the degree of achievement of the objectives. Marketing is one of the areas that most benefits from the use of KPI monitoring tools. In today’s article, we will address 10 KPI’s of marketing for every business!

Conversion rate

Having many visits on the website is very important and means that the same is performing well and appears in the search engines. However, it is not enough that the visitor navigates the site and leaves it without leaving a contact or without buying something. The conversion rate compares the number of visitors to the website with the number of visitors actually making a purchase. It’s a very important indicator because it allows us to understand how appealing our website really is and if it is encouraging its visitors to make a purchase.


ROI means return on investment and measures the end result of an investment: it relates all the expenses involved in an action to the profits made by that same action. The formula for calculating ROI is as follows: ROI = Net Profit (Total Profit from Investment – Cost of Total Investment) / Cost of Investment. If the ROI is greater than zero, it means that the investment was positive for the company. If it has negative values, there was a loss. It’s one of the most important indicators in the marketing area since there must always be an evaluation of all the actions carried out.

Cost by lead

This indicator shows us how much it costs the company to acquire a lead. We get the value after dividing the amount of money invested in marketing by the number of leads generated. Studies report that the cost per lead generated through digital marketing is about 61% lower than the leads generated by traditional marketing. Knowing how much it costs us to generate a lead is essential so that we can redistribute the investments and improve the results.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate shows us the percentage of visitors who were only on one page of your site. The higher this ratio, the worse your performance will be, as it means that there were many visitors quickly giving up on exploring your site. This may mean that your site is not appealing or has little relevant information. Whenever this value is too high, you should invest time in improving the website. Otherwise, you may lose many business opportunities.

Annual growth rate

The annual growth rate is calculated by comparing data between two consecutive years. At this rate, it becomes easier to perceive the annual performance of the campaigns and to withdraw the values that the effects of seasonality may cause. This annual growth rate also allows you to find trends.

Traffic origin

Indicator that reveals the origin of a visit to the website. It’s an important indicator for us to realize which social media strategies are working better, whether the newsletter is generating visits or if paid campaigns are producing results. Knowing what platforms our customers and potential customers are on is an important guide to all our action.

Client retention rate

To obtain the customer retention rate simply add up the total number of customers and subtract the number of customers that have been lost in a certain period. Then just divide the result by the total number of customers. The higher the retention is, the lower the need to acquire new customers and the greater the likelihood of generating new sales for the same business portfolio.

Number of submitted proposals

The number of proposals is important to realize how many potential customers have expressed a real interest in buying something from our company. The number of proposals must always be based on the total number of contacts made.

Visits generated by social networks

If your company is communicating through social networks, you should always measure the impact it has on your website and business. It’s no use putting good material into company profiles if it doesn’t translate into visits and sales. Weekly, you should measure how many visits you had from each social network and should invest more in those that more visits generate. If a social network doesn’t continuously generate any visit, you should consider whether it is worth continuing to invest in that network.

Visits to the website

This metric is essential in the online world we currently live in and shows us how many visits the website had in a given period. It’s important not to confuse this metric with the number of people who visited the site: this indicator merely states how many visits users made to the site, and the same person could have accessed it several times. This indicator is critical to the success of the sales funnel because the more visitors you have, the greater the likelihood of generating leads and sales. You can easily find this value in the Google Analytics dashboard.


Os 7 mandamentos para garantir a satisfação do cliente

7 Commandments to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

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Satisfy the customer is the goal of all companies. Clients are the most important external audience and it’s their satisfaction (or lack thereof) that will dictate the success or failure of the business. A satisfied customer can become a loyal customer to your brand, so it’s essential that you know the needs of each customer. In today’s article, we present the 7 commandments to ensure customer satisfaction!

Attendance of excellence

Have a good relationship with the customer at the time of service. Be aware of his needs and, if possible, anticipate them by offering solutions. It’s important that you don’t use a standard care formula as this will sound false and will get the message that you treat all clients equally. Customers like to feel unique and special and you should reflect this in their service!

After sales service

The sale is not extinguished at the moment the customer buys. There must be follow-up after the sale, to see if everything is okay with the product or service and to be available to find other solutions to other possible customer needs. After-sales service is especially important in the B2B area.

Offer special conditions

Many companies, in order to attract new customers, offer special conditions to those who do not yet have any connection with the brand. This makes current customers feel penalized. In fact, the customer who already has with us some kind of relationship should be the beneficiary, not the other way around! Offering special prices and specific customer offers is a great way to keep the customer loyal for a long time.

Offer solutions

Today’s consumers are very knowledgeable and very demanding. They no longer seek a product, but a solution that solves their problems completely. When presenting your products or services focus on the problem that they solve. In this way, it will be much easier to capture the customer’s attention and get him to buy it.

Plan your work

Contact with customers and potential customers should be well planned to know exactly when to approach the customer. For example, you should always follow up after submitting a product or service to see if the customer has any questions. However, this follow up shouldn’t cause the customer to feel pressured. You should allow time for the person to think and decide if your product/service is effectively the best to meet their need.

Make contact easier

As we have already mentioned, today’s consumers are very demanding and you need to be always aware of their needs and wants in order to achieve them. In a world dominated by the Internet and social networks, brands that allow contact through these means benefit. Let your customer contact you through Facebook, for example. You can also put a contact form on your website.

Be honest

It sounds like a very basic advice, but in the sales area we still find many professionals with an unrealistic talk about the product. It is important not to overdo the qualities of what it has to offer, as this may sound false to the customer and pass a negative image on the seller. You should always be honest to the customer and you should have no problem saying you do not know something about the product, as long as you are willing to learn and inform the customer quickly.

Máquinas vs Humanos: inimigos ou bons aliados?

Machines vs. Humans: Enemies or Good Allies?

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Customer service is increasingly automated. This is due to the increasing demand of consumers, who are looking for faster and more efficient responses. The business world, over the next few years, will have a greater dependence on machines and this causes many people to look at them with mistrust and fear. But are machines and humans, enemies or can they be good allies?

Machines vs. Humans

A study by Gartner concluded that by 2020, 85% of the times that consumers will relate to business will be without any human intervention. However, we should not think that machines will dominate the world and end human interaction. In fact, what this means is that human beings will increasingly have control over technology, using it in a more intelligent way and freeing employees from bureaucratic and repetitive tasks.

What changes in the main sectors

Medicine: In the United States, 98% of prostate surgeries are done with the help of robots. We can say that computers make the work of healthcare professionals more efficient, reducing the duration of surgeries and drastically reducing the risk of error. It is estimated that in 2018 the health technology area will create 35,000 new jobs.

Education: distance learning is already a reality in many countries. Currently, there are robot teachers who are able to teach and correct tests. There are a thousand robots of this type all over the World. Students demand that education be adapted to the reality they know and this reality is technological. Thus, distance learning will increasingly be the preferred way of learning.

Banks: The influence of machines in the banking sector is mainly related to the possibility of each user being able to access their account anywhere in the World. In 2012 there was an 84% fall in job creation in the banking sector in relation to the previous year. Technology has in fact reduced the need for professionals, such as cash operators. On the other hand, increased the need for IT professionals.

Agriculture: this is one of the sectors most affected by the entry of new technologies. In this area, irrigation and harvesting machines greatly increase productivity. The replacement of men by machines in this sector is a reality. However, it is also necessary here to have good IT professionals, which proves that if on the one hand machines replace human labor, on the other they create new needs.

Marketing and sales: Easy access to the Internet and increasing use of social media has changed the way people view consumption. At the sales level, it is becoming easier to consume. People can buy products from around the world from a mobile phone. The user experience has evolved a lot in this sector, because it is now possible for people to “experience” clothing from a distance, to see if they like a piece or not. At the marketing level, automation allows promotional campaigns to be increasingly targeted to the specific needs of each citizen, which greatly improves their experience.


Machines and humans don’t have to be enemies. In fact, when technology is well used, who wins is Man. The World has evolved at an amazing rate and citizens need to keep up to date so they don’t risk losing their jobs!

Os principais erros a evitar na criação de uma empresa

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business

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Starting a business of your own is a goal for many people, but you have to keep in mind that having a company requires dedication, planning and facing constant challenges. The temptation to start your own business is great, as it is becoming easier nowadays because of the simple tools that help entrepreneurs put their ideas on the ground. In today’s article, let’s talk about the top mistakes to avoid in setting up a company!

Not knowing the market where you want to act

Often entrepreneurs are so convinced that their idea is perfect that they don’t do an exhaustive market study to assess the competition or to see if consumers in fact need the product or service they want to sell. However, if there is not a need of your product, there is no point in starting a business. Thus, studying the market well in order to know all its particularities is essential to have a successful company in the short and long term.

To think that you can do everything by yourself

Even if you think you can do it all yourself, you are advised to surround yourself with a trusted team. Business can grow faster than you think and you will need support to respond to all requests. Likewise, if things don’t go so well, it’s better to have a team that helps you to deal with the difficulties because if you are alone you may feel discouraged and give up.

Too high investment

Even if you have studied the market and all the predictions are that your business will succeed in a short time, you shouldn’t invest more than what is strictly necessary at an early stage. The additional costs should be reduced as much as possible and investments should be made according to the commercial evolution of the product and not on the basis of future profit forecasts. Very high investments at an embryonic stage of the project are the main causes of business bankruptcy in a short period of time after starting a business.

Do not invest in communication from the first moment

Many entrepreneurs think that communication is only important from the moment the company starts to grow. However, this is an area of ​​the company that you should pay attention to from the beginning, because it is essential that the market knows that you arrived and that you are there to win. Pay particular attention to the name of your brand and the logo that illustrates it because they are the first elements that contact the public and should be coherent and differentiating. Having a good website and a strong presence on social media is imperative on these days and you should invest time in working these areas.

Lack of market segmentation

Communicating to everyone, in an undifferentiated way, is a mistake that should not be practiced, especially since the current consumer is increasingly informed and demanding. Starting a business without knowing who your target audience is and without knowing their main features and needs can be a real waste of time. As good as your business is, not everyone will need it, so you’ll be spending resources communicating with people who don’t need your product or service. So you should target your audience according to their main characteristics, so you can communicate in a personalized way with each type of person. In this way, it will be easier to reach people who really need you!


Extra tip: Business happens at a very fast pace and it is essential that you know what is happening in your company to make the most appropriate decisions for your business. Download our e-book and find how a BAM tool can help you!

5 Dicas essenciais para conquistar clientes em 2018

5 Essential Tips for Winning Customers in 2018

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Conquering customers is a must-have goal every year and in every business. At a time when there is so much information coming from the most diverse channels, it becomes difficult to capture the attention of the target audience, so it is imperative to use the best techniques to attract new customers. We know that each business has its own specifics, but there are tricks that cross all areas and in today’s article we present the 5 essential tips to win customers in 2018.

Get to know your audience

It is essential that you get to know your target audience more than ever. The current consumer is very demanding, so it becomes increasingly difficult to please him. So, you should collect as much information as possible about it: preferences, social media he uses, media you prefer, among other things that are relevant to your business. The market studies are very important here, because it is a great way to better know the desires and characteristics of the audience you want to achieve and in this way you will be able to win customers.

Listen more and talk less

Customers like to talk and feel that they are attentive to their needs and desires. Many sellers fall into the error of talking too much because they want to show in a short time all the benefits of the product or service they have to offer. However, today’s consumers are looking for quick fixes and will be bored if they hear a standardized speech. Therefore, it is very important that you first listen to everything the client has to tell you and then present the possible solutions in a practical and very objective way.

Avoid clichés

There are phrases that immediately refer us to the insistent and boring sellers who just want to sell and who do not care about what we really need. Even if you consider that your product is the best in the world, you should avoid trying to sell it through this argument as it will sound false and overkill. Also avoid talking badly about the competition and never, but never, ever lie to the customer. Nowadays, the consumer is very informed and the information spreads at an amazing speed, so the probability of your lie being discovered is very great and in this case, besides not winning customers, you risk losing the current ones!

Follow the results

It is not enough to launch marketing actions and campaigns and not monitor their results. It is very important that you define indicators and analyze all the results of your actions. Only in this way you will be able to promote continuous improvement, which will certainly also have an effect on the number of clients raised. The current market is very dynamic and must ensure that your product or service does not stay static.

Use a content strategy

Digital marketing is increasingly present in corporate strategies and many brands use a content strategy in which they write articles and case studies about their area of ​​expertise. This will make potential customers look to the company as a reference entity and this will increase the confidence and likelihood of opting for your products and services.