5 erros comuns no tratamento da informação que precisa de eliminar já

5 common mistakes in information management you need to eliminate right now

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Information is the most valuable asset of companies. With each passing day, companies store more data that needs to be addressed to provide the inputs needed for effective and informed decision-making. When the information is not well treated and analyzed, the more likely the company is to make the wrong decisions that will undermine its functioning. Thus, it is essential to know how to deal with the information and it is necessary to eliminate all the barriers that prevent the good treatment of the data. In today’s article, we present the 5 most common errors in the treatment of information you need to eliminate right now!

Error # 1: Working without Goals

In today’s business world, which is so competitive, it is very important that companies set general and specific goals, because only then will they know what strategy to follow in order to achieve the desired results. Each employee must work with specific KPI’s that are appropriate to their function, because only in this way will they be able to evaluate the data and transform it into useful and beneficial information for the pursuit of their work.

Error # 2: Fail to keep pace with rapid technological change

Today, technology is evolving at breakneck speeds, making companies constantly face the challenge of being up to date constantly. Nowadays, real-time analysis is already a reality in many companies. If it was enough years ago to know what was happening in the company a few days after the events, today this reality is completely changed. Analyzing business information in real time is the first step (and we can risk saying that it is the most important) to be able to decide consciously and effectively. Many companies still make the mistake of basing their reporting on a few days. Systems like Multipeers are becoming more and more indispensable in today’s business world.

Error # 3: Give the same access to all employees

This error is linked to information security, which is one of the most important aspects, but that companies still do not pay attention to this. Company information should not be accessible to all employees in the same way. Each employee must have access only to part of the information they need to perform their work. This will allow the collaborator to focus more easily and, at the same time, will allow to discover the origin of an eventual leak of information.

Error # 4: Do not back up the data

It seems like a very basic advice, but unfortunately many companies have not yet implemented a serious backup policy. We live in an increasingly connected world and with more and more virtual threats. Therefore, it is essential that you be prepared for any situation that could put the security of your information at risk. These days, putting a security password in your most important files is no longer enough. Making backups of data frequently is a critical step in ensuring that you will not lose sensitive data of the utmost importance. In addition, it is advisable to use a disaster recovery system such as RAAS. Disaster recovery should be regarded as a must have in companies as it is the guarantee that the most important information of the company is safeguarded and that the company will continue to function properly even when computer problems happen.

Error # 5: Create complex reports

The tendency of managers is to create reports with many pages and complex terms that make it difficult to analyze them. The ideal is to make short reports that contain only the information essential to making the right decisions for the business. Create appealing and easy-to-read graphics because through these elements it will be easier to convey your message and better understand the data. If you complicate too much the presentation of the information, it will discourage the employees who have to make their analysis!


Os principais pilares da segurança de informação nas empresas

The main pillars of information security in companies

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We may venture to say that “security” was the most widely heard word for business needs in 2018. Following the entry into force of the new general data protection regulation, companies were effectively concerned with ensuring that their information was secure , adopting new tools and new ways of dealing with the giant wave of data that is generated daily. But what are the main pillars of information security in companies?


Confidentiality concerns all procedures and policies that allow you to restrict and regulate access to sensitive and confidential information. It is important that in a company the access to information is regulated and that it has several levels, according to the positions and the need of access of each employee. Most computer attacks are from internal sources, so you have to be careful that the company’s most important information does not fall into the wrong hands.


Integrity is an important pillar since it allows us to identify if there has been any change in the process or the sending of the data. Data integrity is essential for the smooth running of a business and it is important that the data remain unchanged even after passing through successive people. Confidential data of a company can not be changed by any employee, and there must be a defined procedure for this situation.


Data must be available whenever it is necessary to access it. Information security can not allow the data to be “in a distant place,” where many steps are required to be able to visualize them. Cloud storage has been gaining more and more “followers” over the last few years as it allows data to be available anywhere, anytime, from any device. However, it is essential that there be care with the safety of the devices used in the company. Having a good antivirus, not opening suspicious emails or visiting unreliable sites are rules that should always be followed.


Authenticity is one of the fundamental pillars of data security. We must know the source of the data we deal with, because only then can we guarantee that they are reliable and current.

It is no longer a novelty that companies need to protect their information more and more. We live in a highly digital world and therefore the threats have proliferated at a very fast speed. Nowadays companies need to effectively use data security solutions, otherwise they will see their confidential information exposed. A security breach can be dramatic for a business, and can even dictate the end of it. In today’s article, we’ll realize how much does a security breach actually cost.  Threats to data security are getting bigger and more sophisticated, making it harder to ensure data security in the business. Protecting the information your company generates on a daily basis is essential for business success and at this stage when the new general data protection regulation has already come into force, it is even more important to work towards securing company and its stakeholders.

5 Tendências de segurança dos dados

5 Trends in data security

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The year 2018 is nearing of its end and it is, therefore, time to speak of tendencies. Data security is an issue that is increasingly in need of attention, especially in this year marked by the entry into force of the new general data protection regulation. Keeping an eye on the trends in this area is the first step to being able to protect your data in the best way possible and to ensure that confidential business information is not exposed. In today’s article, we present 5 trends in data security!

Information Security in the Cloud

Cloud has been gaining more and more fans all over the World. Using cloud solutions ensures greater mobility and a wider choice of options. However, we can not make the mistake of putting the information in the Cloud so that it stays protected. Because Cloud storage enables company files to be viewed on any mobile device, it is critical to ensure that these devices stay protected. Storing business information in the Cloud is very important to keep information secure, but it is not enough to ensure this: it is mandatory to ensure that the devices are all protected.

Creation of policy for use of technology resources

Technology is part of everyday life for all employees of a company and this is a risk to data security. It is necessary to define how technological resources can be used in the work environment, through the creation of standards for the use of removable devices, the opening of personal e-mails, among other factors considered relevant. The use of a pen with a virus, for example, can contaminate a company’s entire network, compromising information security.

Secure passwords policy

It is believed that 90% of passwords are vulnerable and can be discovered quite easily. The password is the main resource for a user to access a system, so it is essential that it is strong and secure. It should be changed quite frequently (it is advisable to change it every 90 days). Thus, the company should create a document with rules on the creation of passwords, as this area is often seen with little seriousness, which can compromise the security of the business.

Data backup

This should be a common practice and mandatory in all companies, but in many cases there is no policy of any kind regarding data backup. In order for a company to ensure that your information stays safe, you need to frequently perform backups of your information. This backup must exist in several environments, so that in case of a computer attack the information remains protected. It is also advisable to use a data recovery system in the Cloud, such as RAAS. Thus, in case of extreme attacks, it is possible to recover all the information that was the target of the attack.

Tailored security solutions

The cybersecurity market is evolving into a new paradigm of solutions as they resolve the specific “pains” of each client. With companies increasingly demanding information security, IT solution providers are starting to offer more personalized approaches, taking into account the size and complexity of each company’s IT infrastructure. A more personalized approach will allow companies to adopt solutions exclusively tailored to their needs.

Os principais obstáculos para uma tomada de decisão eficaz (e as possíveis soluções!)

The main obstacles to effective decision making (and possible solutions!)

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Making decisions for the future of the business is a complicated task for managers and requires a lot of commitment from them. A lot of times, business leaders and departments d’ont have all the information they need to analyze situations in an objective way, which greatly complicates effective and rapid decision-making. On a day-to-day basis in which companies are constantly living, the lack of time to evaluate the company’s operations is one of the biggest enemies of correct decision-making. Today, companies generate data every day and the vast amount of information that exists is also a concern for companies as it is not easy to manage all sources of information and it is even more difficult to get the most important insights from each from them. There are many obstacles that prevent decisions to be made quickly and consciously and it is about these obstacles that we are going to discuss in this article. And we will also present possible solutions for each of them!

Obstacle 1: there is no information in real time

Business life happens now. In each moment information is generated and this information will have an impact on company’s life, so it is fundamental that a manager is always aware of what is happening. The reality, however, is that in most companies the information is spread by various software and it is not possible to have immediate access to all the data. This will have a negative impact on decision making. Decisions based on a few days’ reporting are always reactive and the company runs the risk of being outdone by a competition that is quicker to act.

Solution: BAM

BAM tools such as Multipeers are essential in today’s business world because they allow you to condense all information from a wide range of data sources into one platform. The ability to access information in real time changes everything because it is the guarantee that we are always working based on the most current information that exists. Decision-making is made easier because there is no need to resort to lengthy and old reports to decide what to do next. With information so accessible, the likelihood of making bad decisions is much lower, which certainly increases the efficiency of companies. In addition, Multipeers also allows the creation of business alerts that advise managers about anomalous situations that require their attention. This fact makes it possible for managers to carry out their day-to-day tasks in a quiet way as they know they will be alerted when something strange happens. This allows a corrective action to be taken immediately, ensuring prompt resolution of problems.

Obstacle 2: lack of mobility

Business mobility is a growing trend and in many industries is already a reality. However, there are still many companies that are not able to adapt to this new way of working and this makes employees have to be in the office to access the e-mail and to meet with their teams. Companies are still not very receptive to this new trend because they are afraid that mobility is synonymous with a greater probability of loss of credentials of access to the network, which in general results in the leakage of information abroad. Fortunately, more and more technology is moving towards making systems and networks more secure and practically inviolable.

Solution: use of the right tools

Employees and managers must always have access to the most important information about the business, since only then will they be able to make effective and timely decisions. Cloud computing has facilitated labor mobility by enabling important business documents to be consulted anywhere and for effective decision-making. Switching the corporate email system to a cloud-based solution is also very important for increasing business mobility. Videoconferencing tools were the first tools to enable enterprise mobility and are now moving to a large scale for mobile platforms, which significantly increases the scope of mobility. We are now able to use Skype and Hangouts on mobile devices, allowing you to have meetings anytime, anywhere in the World.

Obstacle 3: lack of planning

Companies often don’t spend the due time in planning their activity and this will obviously have negative consequences over time. Business planning is essential if the company’s action is to succeed. Setting realistic goals and ways to reach them is a very important part of business, because we can only succeed if we know well where we want to go.

Solution: plan and involve the entire team

At least every six months, it is crucial that managers meet with their teams and analyze what has been done so far and, based on the result of that analysis, the company’s course should be traced to the following months. However, it is very important that there is always a plan B. As good as planning is and the goals set are the most appropriate for the company, you have to take into account that things can go wrong, because the business world is very susceptible to changes and unforeseen events. Therefore, it is necessary to always have an alternative plan. Having a B plan makes emergency situations easier to deal with. Many managers don’t think of alternatives when they make a decision and end up harming the business if the decision they make doesn’t have the desired effects.

Analyzing data in real time is increasingly a reality in companies around the world. Business happens at a very fast pace and it is essential that you know what is happening in your company to make the most appropriate decisions for your business.

Get to know the advantages of the BAM system and learn how these tools can help your business!


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5 Erros a evitar na gestão dos clientes

5 Mistakes to avoid in customer management

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The Customer is the most important part of a company. Companies make a lot of mistakes when it comes to dealing with customers and their needs, and these mistakes often lead to the loss of important customers. In today’s article, we talk about the 5 mistakes to avoid in managing customers.

Press Customer

Many companies make the mistake of chasing the customer, either through phone calls or emails. When there is a first contact, you have to give the customer time to evaluate the possible purchase of the product or service offered by the company. No one likes to be constantly bothered and companies need to be made aware that the quality of the contact is worth more than the number of times they contact prospects.

Not knowing the customer and their needs

One of the worst mistakes in managing clients is treating all customers the same way. It is unpleasant when we are attended by an operator who seems robotic and who has a rehearsed speech and does not escape the script. CRM tools help companies to know each customer, their needs and preferences. They also provide information on the most appropriate time to act, either by sending a special campaign or a product sample. You can connect a CRM system to a business monitoring system such as Multipeers. In this way, you will have real-time and always up-to-date information about your customers.

Sell ​​only once

Many commercials are concerned only with the single sale and don’t work towards customer loyalty. Certainly, the first sale is, in theory, the most difficult, since the customer still doesn’t know the company and the products. Focusing on the single sale is a very common mistake that can cause the company to lose sales in the future. Business teams should be concerned about maintaining customer contact in order to guide you toward future purchases and this is achieved through good after-sales service.

Complicating customer service

Unfortunately, there are many companies specializing in this field, especially telecommunication and internet service companies. It is very annoying for a customer to have to repeat their problem to three or four different people. The customer service should always be as pleasant and short as possible because only then can you pass on an image of professionalism. If the customer needs to talk to four people before seeing their problem solved, they will get the feeling that the company is disorganized.

Don’t guide and educate the client

Providing relevant and useful content to the customer about the products or services is a way to educate customers and share important information so that they choose your product. Creating a FAQ section, creating a blog about the area of ​​your activity and having a regular presence on the main social networks are good ways to educate the customer about your product.

5 dicas para tornar o seu negócio mais inteligente

5 Tips to Make Your Business Smarter

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Get-together data, analyzing them and applying them in business correctly is synonymous with having a smarter business. Technology is an indispensable resource to make the business smarter and more agile. Only with the use of technology you can follow everything that goes on in the company and make the right decisions for business continuity. In today’s article, we will leave you 5 important tips to make your business smarter.

Analyze the data

We live in the information age and this is nothing new to anyone. Whoever analyzes the data correctly is one step ahead of the competition as it is able to anticipate trends and predict market fluctuations. Big Data and Analytics are increasingly used in companies around the world, because they are tools that allow you to analyze the data for the most diverse purposes. Tools like Multipeers are increasingly needed in business as they allow you to analyze business information in real time.

Cloud Storage

Companies today are forced to have greater flexibility to access their documents even outside the workplace. Cloud storage is a widely used option today as it allows people to access and edit documents from anywhere in the World, with an Internet access.

Data security

Information security has never been as important as it is now, especially at a time when the new general data protection regulation is just in place. Computer attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, so companies must equip themselves with the right tools to protect their information. Companies should educate employees so they are aware of the need to protect data and must have demanding data backup policies so they can recover their information even in the event of a disaster.

Automation of tasks

Business intelligence is constantly looking for automate tasks so that employees are available for other functions that cannot be accomplished using technology. Companies can adopt a Business Process Management (BPM) system in order to automate tasks and information flows. CRM is a tool that can also be adopted by companies, since it improves customer service processes. In addition to faster execution of tasks, the automation of tasks greatly reduces the likelihood of human error.

Financial management

The appropriate technological tools allow the company to identify points of improvement in its management and to eliminate wasted resources. It is essential that there be a good financial management, because only this is the continuity of the business is guaranteed. Software that integrates information across all departments will make decision processes more agile and more effective, as there is in-depth knowledge about the real state of the business.

4 Mitos sobre a gestão da informação

4 Myths about information management

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Myths about information management

Managing information and data in companies is one of the main concerns of managers and is a topic that has been in vogue in last months. Threats to information security appear more and more in more and more varied forms and it is difficult to manage all the data of the companies in a safe and effective way. In this article, we will demystify 4 generalized ideas about information management that will help you better manage your company’s data!

Myth: data security can no longer be guaranteed

Computer attacks are increasing and there is increasing variety in attack forms. However, it is possible to reformulate information security strategies and change some routines: checking your antivirus regularly, changing passwords frequently and choosing good Cloud services are some tips to ensure greater security of internal information.

Myth: we cannot prevent, just react

The most frequent threat today is called ransonware. In this attack, hackers steal data and request redemption in BitCoins to return them to the company. This attack occurs by sending an email to a company employee who opens it without realizing it is a threat. A malware download is automatically downloaded to the computer. This shows us that investing in employee training is essential. Awareness-raising campaigns on the importance of information security is a form of prevention.

Myth: upgrade the systems ensures the protection

In fact, a system upgrade can pose an even greater threat to data security. It is essential that companies test the upgrades in their own environments before starting to effectively update the system. This way you can detect threats and eliminate vulnerabilities of the update.

Myth: Information management only concerns IT managers

In an organization it is essential that all employees are committed to the issue of safety. That is why the awareness campaigns for this topic are so important. The responsibility of protecting the confidential business data is of everyone who works there. In addition, the more information that managers gather, the more confidence they will have when making decisions. Big Data and real-time data analysis are two growing trends that are changing the way we manage business information.

Protecting your company’s information is critical so you can ensure that no confidential information is passed abroad. Prevention and training of employees together is the key to ensuring that data is protected and secure. Products such as Datapeers are increasingly needed in today’s business environment as they enable the protection of information and ensure compliance with the new data protection regulations, which will enter into force in May 2018 in the European Union.

Descubra como a tecnologia pode aumentar a produtividade nas empresas

Find out how technology can boost business productivity

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There is no doubt that technology has come to revolutionize the business world. In this article you will learn about the benefits of technology in the corporate environment.

Increasing productivity is one of the biggest goals of a company, regardless of its size. Today, entrepreneurs have been wary of using technological products to achieve this goal. Technological innovations have made corporate processes much more practical, dynamic and efficient. If you need to increase your team’s productivity, see how you can do it using technology can help you.

Improves connectivity and communication among team members

When technology is used properly, team communication becomes faster and more efficient. Your employees won’t have to cross sections to request documents and materials and for this reason the technological innovations can increase the productivity. A corporate email, for example, will keep your employees from getting up all the time.

Promotes time management on the job

One of the main difficulties people have in the modern world is managing their time. There are so many tasks that need to be done that we often can not handle everything. Nowadays we can already count on several softwares that have the ability to organize an agenda quickly. To use the right tools, in addition to increasing the productivity of the company, there is still time to invest in actions that improve the internal development of the company. There is nothing more practical and effective than having a fully organized online agenda.

Improves the information’s security

As a business grows, so does its data. This information is generated daily and if not managed properly may jeopardize the development of the enterprise. The good news is that among the technological inventions there are already many applications that can store all this information. All the storage is carried out very securely, organized and the access is very easy. One of the most crucial points for any type of business is the security of information. The loss of documents can cause irreversible problems, such as the loss of time to resolve them and a possible breach of privacy.

Reduces company costs

Many entrepreneurs have already proven that the use of technology, in addition to increasing productivity in companies still brings savings. With the use of some applications, tasks that previously could only be done manually are already performed by them. Technology reduces costs with energy, labor, maintenance, acquisition of hardware, security, etc.

Given the information presented in this article, there is no longer any doubt about the effectiveness of technological inventions in the corporate environment.

Even in times of crisis, your business may spend less on using some programs. Look for specialized companies in this type of services and define the best option for your company. Get started now to increase your business productivity using technology!

About the guest author:

GestãoClick is a company specialized in offering business management software to managers who wish to make their employees’ routine more efficient. Click here and learn more about what technology can do for your business.

Why Multipeers?

Multipeers comes as a response to a real market need. In order to survive in a global economy, companies must have the means to respond quickly to market changes. It's essential to have at your disposal mechanisms that make it possible to take decisions quickly for a good business management. In most companies, decision-making is based on reports, intranets, and emails that require the user to look up the information. Due to this reality, many companies lost business opportunities because they didn't have information in a timely manner. Likewise, on many occasions decisions have been made on the basis of outdated information, rendering them ineffective and wrong. To combat this difficulty, Multipeers comes out with the objective of delivering relevant information about the business in real time directly to your devices (desktop, tablet or smartphone). By using Multipeers, you don't need to spend time looking for information, making processes and decision making much more agile and effective. In a simplified way, Multipeers assumes itself as a global, automated and real-time management cockpit.

Real-time information

The life of your company is happening now and it’s vital that you have direct visibility into what is happening at each moment in each area of the organization. Multipeers captures real-time data from different sources of information and displays them instantly in the format you choose.

No need for clicks

Multipeers updates permanently and automatically, so there is no need for any user intervention. Instead of being the user to meet the information, it is the information that, in an autonomous way, finds the user.

Business Monitoring

Monitoring business means systematically analyzing events supported in an organization's information system to present real-time information on all important activities to management. The indicators presented are used by the different operational and technical areas for a complete visibility, measurement and assurance about the key business activities. Being humanly impossible to be aware of everything that happens in your company, Multipeers allows you to set alarms that inform you whenever a situation demands your attention. Multipeers is a continuous measurement and analysis instrument that will help you to manage your business in an excellent way.

Interactive Dashboards

The information provided by Multipeers is consolidated in order to make your consultation easier and faster. You can choose to get the information through bar charts, multi-series charts, among many other options. The information can be displayed using the most appropriate presentation, improving the analysis that the user can make of each indicator. In addition, each indicator is fully customizable according to business needs. If you use the desktop, you can also use the ticker tool, which allows you to divulge external or internal news, messages and alerts, thus allowing all employees to be aware of what is happening in the organization.


Wherever you are, you will always have access to your company's indicators. You can check your business information on your smartphone or tablet at any time.

Configurable in minutes

Multipeers allows you to have a complete dashboard in a short time and set up a business alert in minutes and quickly distribute a new indicator to the entire organization. Configuring Multipeers is an intuitive task that does not require technical expertise.

Centralized management

Multipeers provides you with a solid management platform that collects data from a wide variety of sources and, being highly customizable, allows the distribution of processed information in a variety of ways, such as interactive graphics, widgets, meters, RSS tickers, among many others.

Multiple data sources

Multipeers interacts directly with all your data sources such as databases, web services, MDX, Microsoft Excel, RSS feeds, multimedia content, email, applications, among others. You can even build your own connectors using the supplied API and no information from your organization will be lost.

Return on Investment Guaranteed

Multipeers enables real-time monitoring of the company's objectives locally and globally, allowing management and operational teams to comply with their KPIs
Reduces operational costs and simplifies all processes
After implementation of Multipeers in different sectors, on average 70% of monthly and daily goals are met
Information on resource availability increases significantly, improving the ability to reorganize teams and minimize impacts

Multipeers running