As principais tendências na visualização de dados

Top 5 trends in data visualization

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Data is increasingly important to companies and knowing how to interpret them correctly and quickly is a constant challenge. The current business world is very fast, so it is no longer possible for companies to survive only at the expense of lengthy reports. Business Intelligence, artificial intelligence and the need for real-time information are changing the way we view data. In today’s article, we present the key trends in data visualization!

Location-based data analysis and visualization

Mobile applications and social networks are increasingly using geo-referencing. In this way, it is possible to know where a customer is located and to send personalized and useful information at the moment, in order to stimulate a purchase. This trend will be well present in the future, where applications will begin to integrate more analysis based on geotags.

Data visualization for all

The tendency is for all employees in a company to have access to data that is important for the performance of their obligations. If the data were previously only available to top managers and decision makers, in the future it is expected that there will be a democratization of data access so that all employees are better informed and better able to perform their tasks.

Interactive Dashboards

The large volume and complexity of data requires new ways of analyzing information. Interactive dashboards are going to be a big trend next year. Softwares such as Multipeers allow the creation of an interactive dashboard with information from several data sources, which makes the analysis faster and, consequently, the decision making is faster and efficient.

Presence on multiple platforms

Companies should be present on various platforms (social media, blog, website) and thus collect data from various sources. This information can be used to better understand customers and their needs and desires. In this way, business portfolio can be adapted to the real needs of consumers, which will make them more loyal to the brand.

Data Scientists

This will be one of the most important professions in the future. A data scientist is an analytical professional who has the technical capabilities to solve complex problems and has come up to deal with the huge amount of unstructured data that companies have to deal with on a daily basis. This professional creates algorithms to extract insights from the data generated by the diverse sources of information and presents them in a practical and simple format to analyze by the decision makers, who will be able to define strategies and decide the best way for the company.

As 5 melhores ideias de negócio para investir em 2018

The 5 best business ideas to invest in 2018

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Find the best business ideas to invest in 2018!

2017 is fast moving towards its end and 2018 is right there. With a new year coming, ideas of change and entering a new business are always present in our mind, but it is not easy to decide which area to bet on, as markets change at a dizzying pace. In this article, we present you 5 businesses ideas that will be a trend in 2018!

Healthy and alternative food

More than just fashion, betting on healthy eating is a must for all people who want to live well. 2018 seems to be the year of maturation of the healthy and alternative food market. More and more people are intolerant to gluten and lactose and prefer a food without animal products. If you are thinking about betting on a restaurant business, a restaurant with healthy food seems to be a great option in the coming year!

Creation of mobile applications

It is no secret to us that technology has changed our way of working and even living in society. Smartphones and mobile devices are increasingly becoming an important part of people’s lives and are no longer just an accessory but an obligatory item. Therefore, the applications that facilitate the daily life guarantee a great success in 2018.

3D Printing

It is a market trend and promises to evolve and grow next year. It is still an unexplored area, so the opportunities are immense. Although it is a very attractive area, it is important to take into account that betting in this sector requires a lot of training and investment.

Virtual reality

Just look at the Snapchat to realize that virtual reality has been a part of our lives in recent times. However, its applicability goes far beyond entertainment. It is anticipated that the future will be dominated by this type of technology, despite the high cost of research and development of this sector. The area of ​​medicine will be one of the most positively affected by virtual reality through surgical simulations. This factor may lead to new cures and new forms of treatment.

Coworking spaces

There are more and more liberal professionals who work alone. However, working from home can be a real problem as it lowers motivation and makes people unhappier. Many professionals look for spaces where they can work close to other people, in order to exchange ideas and find forms of synergy. Coworking – a work space divided among people from different areas – is already a reality in the United States of America, but has not yet been explored in many regions. Betting on these spaces is a good idea in the coming year.

Whatever your business is, there is a universal truth: analyzing data in real time will help you make timely and informed decisions. Download our e-book and learn how a business monitoring system will help you improve your performance.