5 Dicas para implementar a transformação digital de forma correta

5 Tips for Implementing Digital Transformation Correctly

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Digital transformation in business is increasingly a necessity and is no longer seen as just a fashion trend. Nowadays, a company that doesn’t exist online is almost as if it didn’t exist and is easily surpassed by the competition. Digital technologies have redefined the way companies do business, changed how we relate to customers and how we communicate. Forrester research reveals that large business owners expect 47% of total sales to be influenced by digital media by 2020. In today’s article, we leave you 5 tips for implementing digital transformation in right way!

Redefine your business

Digital transformation is much more than just including technology in every company process. Digital transformation is a change that affects all areas of the business and requires cultural change, which can only be achieved if employees are willing to change. It is important to analyze the market of your company and define a strategy for the future, identifying potential threats and opportunities, adapting the whole company’s performance.

Involve the whole team

Even if there is a person responsible for the process of digital transformation, it is very important that you involve all employees in this change, because only then you will have their support and commitment. Communication between all departments is essential if digital transformation is to be implemented correctly.

Stay up-to-date

When a company decides to invest in digital transformation, it must be aware that it is necessary to be constantly updated on technological trends and innovations. Artificial intelligence is the biggest trend for the next few years, according to a Gartner study released in 2016. It is believed that more and more the customer relationship through digital means will be done using chatbots. Using cloud storage is another big trend. According to a survey by IDC, by 2020 about 67% of software spending will be related to cloud storage tools.

Get expert help

The shift from an analog paradigm to a digital paradigm can be quite complex for companies that don’t have the experience they need. In these situations, it is advisable to hire external support. Specialized companies have more experience and more technical knowledge on the subject and will be more prepared to face the challenges that have come up along the way. However, you have to evaluate the costs: adopting a ready-to-use solution will certainly cost less than developing the tool internally. On the other hand, it is essential to know all the needs of the company, because existing solutions may not be able to meet all the requirements of your company.

Always work with goals

Following the market trend is very positive, but it can be detrimental if you don’t know what your business objectives are with the adoption of digital transformation. It is important that you know your goals well and that they are specific, realistic and measurable, because only then can they be achieved. Digital transformation can help you achieve a wide range of goals: win new customers, retain current customers, optimize team performance, and more.

As principais tendências na visualização de dados

Top 5 trends in data visualization

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Data is increasingly important to companies and knowing how to interpret them correctly and quickly is a constant challenge. The current business world is very fast, so it is no longer possible for companies to survive only at the expense of lengthy reports. Business Intelligence, artificial intelligence and the need for real-time information are changing the way we view data. In today’s article, we present the key trends in data visualization!

Location-based data analysis and visualization

Mobile applications and social networks are increasingly using geo-referencing. In this way, it is possible to know where a customer is located and to send personalized and useful information at the moment, in order to stimulate a purchase. This trend will be well present in the future, where applications will begin to integrate more analysis based on geotags.

Data visualization for all

The tendency is for all employees in a company to have access to data that is important for the performance of their obligations. If the data were previously only available to top managers and decision makers, in the future it is expected that there will be a democratization of data access so that all employees are better informed and better able to perform their tasks.

Interactive Dashboards

The large volume and complexity of data requires new ways of analyzing information. Interactive dashboards are going to be a big trend next year. Softwares such as Multipeers allow the creation of an interactive dashboard with information from several data sources, which makes the analysis faster and, consequently, the decision making is faster and efficient.

Presence on multiple platforms

Companies should be present on various platforms (social media, blog, website) and thus collect data from various sources. This information can be used to better understand customers and their needs and desires. In this way, business portfolio can be adapted to the real needs of consumers, which will make them more loyal to the brand.

Data Scientists

This will be one of the most important professions in the future. A data scientist is an analytical professional who has the technical capabilities to solve complex problems and has come up to deal with the huge amount of unstructured data that companies have to deal with on a daily basis. This professional creates algorithms to extract insights from the data generated by the diverse sources of information and presents them in a practical and simple format to analyze by the decision makers, who will be able to define strategies and decide the best way for the company.