Elimine as barreiras que impedem uma rápida e eficiente tomada de decisão

Eliminate barriers that make you decision making more effective

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Business world is happening at an amazing pace and managers need to make quick, timely and effective decisions. It is only through assertive decision-making that companies are able to keep abreast of competition and respond to the increasing demands of consumers. However, in most companies, there are barriers to making rapid and efficient decision-making. In this article we will give you some tips to eliminate these barriers and make conscious and effective decisions!


Many managers make decisions based on small pieces of available information and don’t take into account the views of employees who deal with situations on a daily basis. It is vital that there is an analysis of the pros and cons and a survey of the opinion of those who are involved in the process. The best decisions are those that take into account different points of view. Managers must be flexible and analyze all possibilities.

Lack of a plan B

As good as planning is, you have to keep in mind that things can go wrong. The world of business is very susceptible to change and unexpected situations and it is necessary to always have an alternative plan. Having a B plan makes emergency situations easier to deal with. Many managers don’t think of alternatives when they make a decision and end up harming the business if the decision they make does not have the desired effects.

Lack of alerts and real-time information

The day-to-day of a manager is quite busy and it is humanly impossible to keep up with all the situations that happen in the business. It is very important to have a real-time business monitoring system that allows you to set business alerts so that you are advised whenever any important situation requires an immediate intervention. Multipeers is a BAM system that allows you to define business alerts that warn you whenever a situation requires your attention. In this way, you will always be aware of the events of your business and you will be able to decide in good time. Many of the decisions are made based on reports that are a few days late, which makes the company a reactive and non-proactive organism. With Multipeers you can always be ahead of the competition.

Lack of mobility

Mobility is a growing trend and in many sectors is already a daily reality. Employees and managers should have access to the most important information about the business because only then they will be able to make effective and timely decisions. Cloud computing has facilitated labor mobility by allowing important business documents to be consulted wherever you are.


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