Black Friday: dicas para comprar online de forma segura

Black Friday: Tips for Buying Online Safely

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Black Friday is right there and the information about spectacular discounts and must-see shopping comes from everywhere! It is vital to ensure the security of your online transactions on this busy day, as the probability of occurrence of computer attacks is much higher on special days. In today’s article, we leave you the most important tips for buying online safely on this Black Friday!

Search in anonymous mode

Companies often install cookies on your computer and they know that you have already searched for a particular product and will send you notifications to maximize the purchase. On a day when searches are higher, it is advisable to search products anonymously, otherwise you risk receiving dozens of advertising notifications in the days ahead. To navigate in anonymous mode in Google Chrome, for example, just open the browser and click Ctrl + Shit + N.

Have a good antivirus

This is a tip to apply on a daily basis, but at this stage it is imperative to ensure that your antivirus is up and running properly to prevent malicious users from gaining access to your sensitive information.

Don’t use public networks

You should never make an online purchase connected to a public network. These situations greatly facilitate the work of those who want to steal sensitive data and use it for negative purposes. Even if you see a product with a spectacular discount on a public computer, it is safer to wait and purchase through your personal computer or even through your smartphone.

Check site security

Prefer sites that comply with the SSL certificate (usually “http” appears before the website address and the lock symbol is active). This code allows the encryption of content and is usually used in websites that need to ensure security in data transfer, such as online stores and banking institutions. A website with SSL certificate allows the transfer of data between the server and the visitor’s terminal in an encrypted way, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data.

Don’t open suspicious emails

If you receive an email that promises very high discounts and prices below the market average, avoid opening the links and never provide personal data. Many hackers use this technique to attract users and thus have access to their personal data. If the email has a brand name, it is safer to go to the brand site through the browser and verify that the email information is true.

Be very careful with offers via SMS

Messages on the phone and through WhatsApp may contain links to viruses and refer you to fake pages. In recent times, there has been a spread of messages via Whatsapp with fake discounts that cause serious problems for users. If you receive something like this, delete the message without clicking anything!

Black Friday is an opportunity to get what you want at a more affordable price, but you should not be fooled by the discounts and neglected online security. Make sure you protect your information on all your devices!