5 aplicações móveis que o vão ajudar a gerir o seu negócio

5 mobile applications that will help you run your business

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The smartphone is one of the best friends of managers, because it is through this little device that we do many of our daily actions. Nowadays, the business world is not restricted to the walls of the office and entrepreneurs should have access to all business information from anywhere. There are many mobile applications that make life easier for managers and are true allies of good decisions. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 5 mobile applications that will help you run your business.


The mobile version of Multipeers is a great help for managers. Multipeers is a BAM system that allows you to analyze the business in real time through a dashboard that shows all company information from the different data sources that exist in it. The manager can have this information on his mobile phone and easily notice the state in which the business is, and can make decisions instantly.

Google Drive

Google Drive lets you share files online, with real-time syncing. It allows integration with other Google tools, such as Gmail. This way, anywhere you can access and edit your documents in a simple way, from a mobile device. Any changes you make to your documents are automatically saved. You will no longer have to ask them to send you that report you need for the next meeting!


WhatsApp is a very important tool for the work teams, since it allows the creation of groups, exchange of opinions and document sharing. We can keep track of everything that happens, even if you are physically absent from the office. In addition to chatting, WhatsApp also allows you to make phone calls for free (as long as there is Internet access) and share documents and pictures.

Corporate Email in the Cloud

Changing the corporate email system to a cloud-based solution is very important to increase business mobility. These solutions facilitate communication between the various departments of the company, because the information becomes accessible even when using tablets and smartphones. Using e-mail on mobile devices allows for a faster and more efficient response, which contributes to greater management efficiency.

Office 365

Office 365 is a solution in the Cloud that offers features for creating Excel documents, texts and presentations. All these documents are essential to perform the administrative tasks and communication of any business. With Office 365 you can create and edit documents anywhere, giving business mobility to the business. Access to this tool is by user account and there is no need to install the program on all devices that the company uses.

Saiba como a tecnologia elimina a burocracia

Find how technology eliminates bureaucracy

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We live in an age where everything is urgent and reducing (or even eliminating) bureaucracy is one of the big business goals. Restructuring processes and saving time are the big business goals when it comes to eliminating bureaucracy. The technology brings numerous benefits in this area and it is more than known that the excess of formalism delays the development of any company. In today’s article, let’s talk about how technology eliminates corporate bureaucracy!

Scan all

Excessive paperwork is a big business enemy because you spend a lot of time looking for information in folders and files. If everything is scanned and organized on a disk, it’s much easier to find the information we need. In addition, we save time that we can take advantage of to perform other important tasks.

Privilege the use of the Cloud

Storing your data in the cloud has many advantages, namely being able to access files at any moment from anywhere. Using this technology reduces the need to invest in equipment and enables the practice of home office.

Optimize meetings

Meetings are often more time-consuming than necessary, which is a waste of time. There is already software that allows you to plan your meetings, so that they don’t last longer than is strictly necessary. Likewise, it is possible to hold meetings through Skype and other similar programs, which eliminates the need for everyone to be physically present.

Use enterprise applications

Use WhatsApp to talk to all employees and to improve cross-departmental communication, start using Uber to make it easier to call a car and pay for it, use task management tools so everyone knows what each department is doing do. In this way, communication improves and the number of steps to complete a process drastically decreases, reducing bureaucracy.

Use real-time management software

Business monitoring software such as Multipeers allows you to analyze your business in real time, through a dashboard that compiles all information from the most diverse sources of information. In this way, it becomes much easier to know what is going on in the company and to make decisions consciously.

Use Office 365

Office 365 is a solution in the Cloud that offers features for creating Excel documents, texts and presentations. All these documents are essential to perform the administrative tasks and communication of any business. With Office 365 you can create and edit documents anywhere, giving business mobility to the business. Access to this tool is by user account and there is no need to install the program on all devices that the company uses.

The importance of technology in team management

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Managing a team and having effective communication between all members is not an easy task. Technology plays a very important role in this area as it helps to reduce communication noise, encourages good communication among all, and reduces costs. In today’s article we will address the importance of technology in team management!

How does technology improve team management?

Using the right technology allows employees to stay productive and connected throughout the day. The right tools help to define priorities and track tasks, as well as manage relationships within the team, avoiding conflicts and minimizing communication errors. Using software and applications, managers are able to communicate more easily their strategy and objectives and define KPIs for employees.

There are several tools that help managers communicate more effectively with their team. Let’s find our top 4!

Instant Messaging Tools

Tools like Skype and WhatsApp are very important for team members to keep in touch and to communicate with each other. Although these applications are used for professional purposes, they are also important for creating cohesion and linkage between the group.

Video conference

This tool is very useful for group meetings and allows even the team members who are far away to participate in the meeting. The manager can share presentations and reports with all participants. In addition, videoconferencing helps reduce travel and accommodation costs and helps reduce lost productivity.


Cloud storage is already seen as a competitive strategy that responds to the needs of small, medium and large companies. Companies like Google and Microsoft provide servers where files are stored the same way if they are stored on a computer or mobile device. Files are stored for miles, but over the Internet, through a login and password, you can connect to your account and access all of your files. This facilitates sharing of documents by all members of a team.

BAM tools for real-time data analysis

The business world is increasingly accelerated and it is essential that a manager knows, at every moment, what is happening in the company. Analyzing reports with a few days means to have a reactive action to the events, which can bring losses to the company. Thus, real-time data analysis is increasingly essential in the business world. Multipeers is a BAM system that allows you to analyze the business to the minute, through a platform where all the information of the company, from the diverse sources of data is found. This allows for faster, more effective decision-making and an in-depth knowledge of each employee’s work.

5 Ferramentas que facilitam a comunicação entre departamentos

5 Tools that facilitate communication between departments

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Most companies are concerned with communicating effectively abroad, but often forget to communicate internally. Internal communication is the basis of all the action of the company, because if the various departments don’t communicate with each other, it is impossible to give an image of cohesion to the public and it becomes very difficult to achieve the objectives. In business day-to-day work, it is not always easy to communicate with all colleagues, but there are tools that facilitate this task. Today we present you 5 tools that facilitate communication between departments!

Google Drive and/or Dropbox

Working with these platforms greatly improves communication and team interaction as documents are worked in the cloud and are automatically saved, making it much easier to share among all team members. The use of these tools also ensures that documents are not lost in pen drives and external disks, and are always safeguarded in the cloud.


Whatsapp is a very important tool for work teams because it allows us to create groups, exchange opinions and share documents. As it is a tool to be used in the mobile phone, we can be aware of everything that happens, even if it we are physically absent from the office.


Slack is widely used by technology companies. In this application you can chat individually, create groups, teams and share files. It also allows integration with other tools such as Dropbox, Google Analytics or Twitter. It also allows creating questionnaires within the application, facilitating the exchange of ideas and the sharing of opinions by all members of the company.


This tool is essential for anyone who sends lots of emails per day to teams. Bananatag is an add-on to the email box, which indicates whether the messages were delivered, which emails were opened, and who clicked on the links and attached attachments. This tool can be integrated in Outlook, Gmail and the most used email services.


This is a task management and monitoring application. It is divided into tables where tasks can be defined by teams. It is also possible to create task lists and assign them to each employee. Throughout the execution of the tasks, the status of each item is updated, being very easy to see at what point of execution each task is.

Extra tip:

Multipeers is a business monitoring system that allows you to analyze what is happening in the company. It is a BAM system that gives us information about the state of each department, as it condenses information from the various data sources into a single platform. In this way, it is easier for managers to know what goes on in each department, improving communication among all and allowing improvements and corrections to be applied!

Black Friday: dicas para comprar online de forma segura

Black Friday: Tips for Buying Online Safely

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Black Friday is right there and the information about spectacular discounts and must-see shopping comes from everywhere! It is vital to ensure the security of your online transactions on this busy day, as the probability of occurrence of computer attacks is much higher on special days. In today’s article, we leave you the most important tips for buying online safely on this Black Friday!

Search in anonymous mode

Companies often install cookies on your computer and they know that you have already searched for a particular product and will send you notifications to maximize the purchase. On a day when searches are higher, it is advisable to search products anonymously, otherwise you risk receiving dozens of advertising notifications in the days ahead. To navigate in anonymous mode in Google Chrome, for example, just open the browser and click Ctrl + Shit + N.

Have a good antivirus

This is a tip to apply on a daily basis, but at this stage it is imperative to ensure that your antivirus is up and running properly to prevent malicious users from gaining access to your sensitive information.

Don’t use public networks

You should never make an online purchase connected to a public network. These situations greatly facilitate the work of those who want to steal sensitive data and use it for negative purposes. Even if you see a product with a spectacular discount on a public computer, it is safer to wait and purchase through your personal computer or even through your smartphone.

Check site security

Prefer sites that comply with the SSL certificate (usually “http” appears before the website address and the lock symbol is active). This code allows the encryption of content and is usually used in websites that need to ensure security in data transfer, such as online stores and banking institutions. A website with SSL certificate allows the transfer of data between the server and the visitor’s terminal in an encrypted way, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data.

Don’t open suspicious emails

If you receive an email that promises very high discounts and prices below the market average, avoid opening the links and never provide personal data. Many hackers use this technique to attract users and thus have access to their personal data. If the email has a brand name, it is safer to go to the brand site through the browser and verify that the email information is true.

Be very careful with offers via SMS

Messages on the phone and through WhatsApp may contain links to viruses and refer you to fake pages. In recent times, there has been a spread of messages via Whatsapp with fake discounts that cause serious problems for users. If you receive something like this, delete the message without clicking anything!

Black Friday is an opportunity to get what you want at a more affordable price, but you should not be fooled by the discounts and neglected online security. Make sure you protect your information on all your devices!