Multipeers is an innovative collaboration tool that will help you increase the performance of your business

This collaboration tool allows you to have all the business information sent to you whenever something important happens. You receive the information even when you are not at your work station. In addition to ensuring that updated information is always available, it's also delivered in a graphically clean and interactive way. Thus, it allows analyzing and taking actions immediately, improving individual performance and, consequently, increasing the efficiency of the organization.

Multipeers provides a robust management platform that collects data from a variety of data sources. It's highly customizable and allows the distribution of processed information in many different forms, such as interactive graphics, widgets, meters, RSS tickers, etc. It can also be defined who will receive each indicator so that each user only has access to relevant information to his or her function.

By providing real-time information, Multipeers drastically reduces the need for access to information systems, notifying all users about the existence of new data and thus safeguarding them from the need to search for information.

Simple Architecture

Multipeers interacts directly with your data sources and it's supported by the most common operating systems on the market.

You can even build your own connectors using the supplied API so that no important information from your organization escapes you.

Multipeers offers various licensing modalities: perpetual license, subscription, as-a-service and OEM software. In line with your specific needs, we offer you the ideal solution for you and for your company.