Como é o processo de tomada de decisão nas empresas de sucesso?

How is the decision-making process in successful companies?

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Decisions, decisions and more decisions: this is the day-to-day of a manager. Any decision interferes with the success (or failure) of the business, so it is essential to have adequate and up-to-date knowledge when deciding. Decisions must be made consciously, for when we decide intuitively, without concrete facts and figures, we may be seriously damaging […]

Conheça os principais indicadores industriais e saiba como podem ajudá-lo no dia-a-dia

Find the main industrial indicators and know how they can help you in your day-to-day

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“What can not be measured can not be controlled”: this phrase makes perfect sense in the business world and, increasingly, managers are aware that it is necessary to evaluate each of their actions. Only with an effective follow-up of everything that goes on in a business it’s possible to apply improvement measures and achieve high […]

5 erros comuns no tratamento da informação que precisa de eliminar já

5 common mistakes in information management you need to eliminate right now

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Information is the most valuable asset of companies. With each passing day, companies store more data that needs to be addressed to provide the inputs needed for effective and informed decision-making. When the information is not well treated and analyzed, the more likely the company is to make the wrong decisions that will undermine its […]

Os principais pilares da segurança de informação nas empresas

The main pillars of information security in companies

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We may venture to say that “security” was the most widely heard word for business needs in 2018. Following the entry into force of the new general data protection regulation, companies were effectively concerned with ensuring that their information was secure , adopting new tools and new ways of dealing with the giant wave of […]