5 Reasons to use management dashboards

5 Motivos para trabalhar com dashboard de gestão

A dashboard is used by managers to let them know the state of the business. Dashboards allow a global analysis of the true situation of an organization and help the manager to make the best decision possible. Using a dashboard, a manager has access to quality data generated from various sources. A well-configured dashboard allows information to be interpreted faster and there is no flaw in reading. In today’s article, we present you with 5 reasons to work with management dashboards!

Gather all business information in one place

Too much information is not beneficial, so be careful not to create a dashboard that is too “full”, ie with information that is not relevant to your decision making. This will only create visual noise and complicate your analysis. You should create an easy-to-read dashboard with only the data that really matters to you. If you can create a dashboard with useful, up-to-date information, it will be much easier to know what decisions to make as it will concentrate all the data you need in one place.

Timely problem identification

Managers cannot always identify deviations in work routines in a timely manner, which compromises business productivity. The dashboard will gather the history of company operations and can set defaults to detect deviations and anomalies in real time. This allows Multipeers to realize that something is wrong and to alert you right away so that you can take action before it becomes a serious problem.

Constant knowledge about business objectives

Using a dashboard, you can easily see if your business goals are being met. Linking KPIs with day-to-day activities is essential to achieve individual and global goals more simply. Only with an effective knowledge of what is happening in the company and the evolution of the areas can the established goals be achieved.

Lets you know the day to day operations

The dashboard that shows us the tasks of the day is used by the work teams and focuses on the processes each team needs to perform their duties. The data contained in this panel aims to identify critical points of the operation, helping their correction. They also facilitate communication between all members of the same team. It is a dashboard that varies according to the department of the company and the activities to perform each day.

Greater collaboration

The dashboard, because it is a technological tool, allows data sharing and sharing is easier because the whole team has access to the information in the dashboard. Thus, achieving the organization’s goals becomes easier and the company becomes more efficient.

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