Saiba como criar métricas relevantes para o seu negócio

Learn how to build relevant metrics for your business

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How to create metrics relevant to your business? For a company to achieve success and positive results, it’s essential that the most important metrics that allow us to evaluate the profitability and productivity of the business are defined. Nowadays, with the possibility of having data in real time, it’s easier to have access to information. […]

Como usar a Cloud para ter uma gestão mais eficiente

How to use Cloud for a more efficient management?

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Learn how to get the most out of Cloud Cloud Computing is a model that allows full access, through network, to a set of shared computing resources (networks, datacenters, storage, services, applications, among others) that can be quickly made available with a minimal effort and without interaction with the supplier. In this article, we’ll present […]

10 KPI's que todos os gestores necessitam

10 Essential Metrics to Analyze Your Business

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Get to know the essential KPIs for your business A KPI is a Key Performance Indicator, and have vital importance for companies as they measure process performance and by analyzing collected information it’s possible to work to improve future actions. There are numerous performance indicators in a company and its definition always depends on the […]

7 Vantagens do uso da análise de dados em tempo real

7 Advantages of using real-time data analysis

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Learn how real-time analysis can help your business The amount of generated data has increased significantly due to the widespread use of mobile devices and due to the reduction of storage costs. In a market where information is the most important asset of companies and where consumers are increasingly accessing all the information they need […]

5 Aplicações da Internet das Coisas no mundo da Indústria

5 Internet of Things Applications Across Industries

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Top Internet Applications of Things in the Industry Internet of Things describes a scenario in which various objects used in everyday life are connected to the Internet. Today, more and more objects are connected to the Internet. At the beginning of this digital age, it was only possible to connect smartphones and tablets. However, in […]

Saiba o que é Business Activity Monitoring e para que serve

Find the concept and applications of Business Activity Monitoring

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Everything you need to know about business activity monitoring Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) enables real-time access to business-critical activity indicators. BAM analyzes the information, reports and issues alerts related to important and relevant events for business operation. The main objective of this concept is to allow quick and effective decisions in order to guarantee the […]