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7 Tips to organize your management

7 Dicas para ter uma gestão mais organizada

Learn how to have a more organized management

The market is increasingly competitive and consumers are becoming more demanding. To have success in today’s business world is necessary to have an efficient and organized management. Managers handle a lot of information and many processes, which can sometimes lead to a very fast pace of work. In this article, we’ll show you 7 essential tips for managing your business and your day-to-day business in a more organized way.

Facilitate access to information

In most cases, companies use a variety of data sources to compile information. Besides being a time consuming process, it’s a process that can have errors and failures frequently. Having the consolidated information in one place is fundamental to minimize the risk of errors and also to facilitate the work of managers. Software such as Multipeers allows you to consult company-wide information from a wide range of data sources in one place. Having all the information in one place allows you to save time and ensure the reliability of your data.

Analyze the data and make reports

It’s important to analyze business data and compile it into easy-to-read reports. This information should be distributed by the people who need it to work so they know the state of the business so they can invest in the areas that need the most attention. One of the mistakes most committed by managers is to make complex and lengthy reports that aren’t read by anyone. Information should be compiled and organized as simply as possible because reports are very important tools in one company and should be understandable throughout the organization.

Learn to set priorities

All managers always have a lot of tasks to accomplish and it’s crucial that they know how to scale their importance. The urgent tasks are those that cannot be foreseen or that are already very close to their deadline. They are the most important and must be completed before all others. Important tasks need time to be realized and, finally, circumstantial tasks are those that aren’t urgent at the moment and can be done when you are freer from work. Good prioritization allows important tasks not to become urgent.

Use memory-friendly applications

Technology exists to help us and there are free applications that are very useful to remind us of the tasks we have to do. Applications such as Evernote and Google Calendar are very useful in day-to-day situations because they facilitate the execution of our work through alarms that remind us of what we have to do.

Set deadlines

Parkinson’s law tells us that work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. It isn’t advisable for the deadline to be very close to the date of delivery, but it is critical that you be able to meet the deadline you set for yourself.

Be realistic

When we want to do everything, we end up doing nothing. It isn’t good creating a giant to-do list for a day and getting to the end of that day with almost all the tasks to do. This will leave you frustrated and unmotivated. It’s advisable to create a task list with fewer tasks than you think you can do throughout the day to do it calmly and with focus. At the end of the day, you will realize that you did what you had committed to.

Plan, plan and plan!

Planning ahead in advance is one of the most important steps in managing a business and your day-to-day life more easily. Plan short- and long-term and make easy-to-read timelines that are flexible if you need to change anything. There are those who say that if we don’t know where we are going, any way is good and this applies also to management. The planning of our tasks is the map that will guide us towards success!

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