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What changes in companies with artificial intelligence?

O que muda nas empresas com a inteligência artificial?

We are in a new era: we are currently in the age of artificial intelligence and there is no escape for it. Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, even assures that all companies will be affected by this new technology. The truth is that given the technological developments we are seeing, if companies don’t adapt to the current situation, they will easily be replaced by their competitors. But after all, what changes in companies with artificial intelligence?

First of all, what is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the ability that machines have to think like humans. It defines their ability to learn, think and decide autonomously and intelligently. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a recent concept. It first emerged in 1956 by John McCarthy, a university professor who used the term to describe a distant world in which machines would be able to solve all problems that until then were solved exclusively by humans.

What changes in companies?

Better use of data

Artificial intelligence helps to compile data and analyze daily experiences to find patterns and ways of improvement. The artificial intelligence systems of data analysis independently calculate the information in order to generate insights essential for a correct decision making. With experience, machines will be able to learn how to predict behavior of employees and customers.

Chatbots will be the future

Chatbots are the stars of artificial intelligence. They are linked to the company’s database and use common language to talk to customers. They are able to recognize names and phone numbers to predict customer behavior. They are very intelligent systems in that they store the essential information so they can refer customers to the areas they need to consult. Ryanair, for example, already uses this system to talk to customers.

More effective management

Artificial intelligence helps companies to interconnect all their information, which plays a very important role in management decisions. A company that analyzes your information in real time and has all the important business information in one place will be able to make more assertive and successful decisions, which enhances the success of the business. Multipeers is therefore an increasingly necessary tool in today’s businesses.

Elimination of more bureaucratic tasks

Artificial intelligence helps employees stop wasting time on overly bureaucratic and administrative tasks. Through rules, it is possible for robots to perform the function of personal assistants, giving information on day-to-day tasks, meeting schedules, and travel times.

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