5 Netflix series that all managers should see

5 séries da Netflix obrigatórias para os gestores

Netflix has conquered fans worldwide and is undoubtedly a great platform for moments of relaxation. However, even in leisure time it is possible to learn and there are series that teach us true lessons about management and leadership. In today’s article, we present 5 Netflix series mandatory for managers!

The Office

This comedy series is a kind of documentary about a company that sells paper. Company manager Michael Scout thinks that everyone loves him, but his colleagues have a different idea. In fact, Michael Scout doesn’t have any kind of talent to relate to people, much less to coordinate a team. He ends up wondering why his classmates never have fun in their workplace, considering that it is a “dream job”. The series focuses on the concepts of leadership, showing us what not to do when we are in a leadership position. You can see this series in the Netflix catalog and have fun while learning important lessons about leadership and team management!

House of Cards

Surely you’ve heard of this famous Netflix series. The series shows us Frank Underwood, an unscrupulous deputy of the United States Democratic Party. Throughout the episodes we have revealed his ways to achieve, at any cost, an increasingly strategic position in the world of politics. We have learned in this series that we must treat our subordinates with respect and that to win we must always be one step ahead, anticipating the enemy’s moves and knowing our opponents well.

Breaking Bad

Walter White is a chemistry professor who discovers an incurable disease. Knowing that the end is near, he decides to do everything he can to leave his family in a good financial position. Walter thus becomes Heisenberg, a powerful drug dealer. What to get out of this Netflix series for your business? The most important lesson is that the secret to success is to truly enjoy what you do. We also learned that image is very important in business, and Walter also teaches us valuable lessons about negotiating!

Mad Men

This series takes place in the 60’s in New York, and shows us the daily life of Don Drapper, a creative director. We are revealed the world of advertising at that time, as well as the changes it has undergone throughout the season. The series also focuses on the personal lives of the characters, where we see a struggle for power and several moments of frustration. Mad Men shows us a fair and intelligent leader and a timid and quiet secretary who manages to reach a position of power. It is a very interesting series because it shows us that the capacity for innovation is fundamental in more troubled times and that business opportunities should be taken advantage of. Mad Men is especially suitable for marketing managers.

Dr. House

Gregory House is everything a leader should not be. He is a respected physician who is willing to do anything to diagnose the rarer and more complicated diseases that his patients present. Without respecting professional ethics, Dr. House is able to invade his patients’ home without authorization. He is an antisocial person and treats all his subordinates badly, eventually being hated by his team. So why is Dr. House on this list? Despite his complicated temperament Dr. House doesn’t follow the obvious path: he questions everything and looks for the best solution in all cases. It also shows us that a leader must constantly challenge the abilities of each member of the team, because only in this way can you keep them motivated and committed to doing better and better. Finally, Dr. House shows us that it is not necessary to waste time with formalisms, focusing only on what really matters!


Have you ever seen any of these series? Do you have other suggestions for important series for managers? Share your opinion with us!

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