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7 KPIs required for marketing managers

7 KPI’s obrigatórios para gestores de marketing

Get to know the most important KPIs to measure your marketing results

Measuring digital marketing results is mandatory if you want to identify areas that need improvement and if you want to have a great performance. By analyzing your marketing results frequently, you will have a more global view of the business and be able to make more conscientious decisions. The marketing world is extremely vast and it is not always easy to know which are the most important indicators for the business. In this article we present you 7 mandatory digital KPIs for marketing managers!

Website traffic: visits

This metric is essential and shows how many visits you had on the website in a given time frame. It is important not to confuse this metric with the number of people who visited the site: this value tells us how many visits users made to your site, and the same person may have entered the site 10 times or more. This indicator is critical to the success of the sales funnel because the more visitors you have, the greater the likelihood of generating leads and sales. You can easily find this value in the Google Analytics dashboard.

Number of organic visits

Within the number of visits to the website, the number of organic visits stands out. Organic visits are those that come to your site through search engine search. People can get to your site because it appeared in the results when there was a search for a certain keyword. So the more organic visitors you have, the better positioned your site will be. This also means that the keywords you are using are the right ones for your business and the ones your target audience uses.

Conversion rate

Having lots of visits on the website is very important and means that our site is performing well and is showing up in the search engines. However, it is not enough that the visitor navigates the site and leaves it without leaving us a contact or without buying something. The conversion rate lists the number of visitors to the website with the number of visitors who make a purchase. It is a very important indicator because it allows us to realize if our site is really intuitive.


ROI means return on investment and measures the end result of an investment: it relates all the expenses involved in an action to the profits made by that same action. The formula for calculating ROI is as follows: ROI = Net Profit (Total Investment Profit – Cost of Total Investment) / Cost of Investment. If the ROI is greater than zero, it means that the investment was positive for the company. If you have negative values, there was a loss.

Cost per lead

This KPI shows us how much it costs the company to get a lead. We get the value after dividing the amount of money invested in digital marketing by the number of leads generated. Studies indicate that the cost per lead generated through digital marketing is about 61% lower than the leads generated by traditional marketing. Knowing how much it costs us to generate a lead is essential so that we can redistribute the investments and improve the results.

Visits generated by social networks

If your company is committed to communicating through social media, you should always measure the impact it has on your website and business. It’s no use posting good material in the company profiles if it doesn’t translate into visits and sales. Weekly you should measure how many visits you had from each social profile and should invest more in those that more visits generate through the website. If a social media doesn’t generate any visitors, you should consider whether it is worthwhile to continue investing time in this profile.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate shows us the percentage of visitors who were only on one page of your site. The higher this fee, the worse it will be for you because it means that there were many visitors giving up quickly of your site. This may mean that your site is not appealing or has little relevant information. Whenever this value is too high, you should invest time in improving the website. Otherwise you may lose many business opportunities.

Increasingly it is essential to keep track of the state of the business and the marketing situation of the company in real time. Marketing has been gaining more importance in the business world due to the great competitiveness that exists today in the markets. Want to know how you can keep track of your business in real time? Get to know Multipeers today!

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