Find How Internet of Things Will Influence Your Business

Saiba como a Internet das Coisas vai influenciar o seu negócio

Internet of Things Will Influence Your Business

The Internet of Things describes a scenario in which various objects used in everyday life are connected to the Internet. Nowadays, more and more objects are connected to the Web. At the beginning of this digital age, it was only possible to connect smartphones and tablets, and yet, in recent years we have witnessed a revolution in this area and it is now possible to connect game consoles, Televisions and surveillance cameras to the network. The Internet of Things have a vision that goes even further beyond this and will greatly affect business. Today we are going to talk about the main impacts of the Internet of Things in business!

Smart service

The Internet of Things can greatly facilitate customer service. Nowadays, thanks to this technology, it is already possible to be warned that an item inside a refrigerator is near the end of the shelf life. This is a huge advantage for companies that sell frozen products, such as hypermarkets.

Real-time Marketing

With the Internet of Things it is possible to collect real and updated data on consumers in real time, anticipating their needs and creating strategies and campaigns that satisfy them. Real-time data collection is far more effective than thorough market research and changes the way we work in the business world, transforming companies into proactive rather than purely reactive organisms.

Equipment maintenance

The Internet of Things can be used to convey information about the wear and tear of a company’s equipment, thus helping with maintenance issues. It is also possible to recognize failures at the beginning of production processes, which allows the problem to be repaired immediately, preventing more serious complications in the future and avoiding losses of profit.


The connection of logistics equipment with the Internet of Things helps companies to increase their efficiency in customer service, and it is also possible to deliver faster and increase customer satisfaction. The whole business can be monitored in real time and all information is connected to each other.

Application in Data Center

In industries, the Internet of Things proves to be very useful as it is possible to measure temperature and humidity levels. The sensors are integrated with network and system monitoring tools and, if stipulated values ​​are exceeded, alerts are generated to take corrective actions.

Internet of Things will grow a lot in the next few years. A Gartner study estimates that there will be 8.4 billion devices connected by the end of 2017. Companies should take full advantage of the technologies, applying them for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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